Greeting homegrown wellness and good fortune at Mandala Park  


Mandaluyong City- Continuing its mission of providing a platform for holistic wellness in the middle of Metro Manila’s hustle and bustle, Litton & Co. celebrates the new year with a celebration of homegrown food and good fortune.

Last year, the company’s flagship project named Mandala Park became a green paradise that provided city-folk with a tranquil respite from the chaos of city life which also gave them access to a community who values wellness and sustainability.

This January 17, Mandala Park once again transforms its green, open spaces into a venue for their expertly curated merchants to showcase locally sourced and crafted produce.

As always, guests can either bring home delicious treats or take some out as presents for their loved ones. Because Litton believes that wellness lies in the combined enrichment of all aspects of one’s being, this weekend’s market melds together the harmony of the spirit and the mind.

Ushering in the abundance

 In line with Mandala Park’s vision of making the weekend market a place for communities to get together and embrace the concept of living well, more imaginative and diverse merchants have been added to the roster.

Aside from being treated to a bounty of delectable homegrown food, visitors will also be treated to a tarot card reading care of Mysterium Philippines wherein they can hear all about the luck, wealth, and fortune that may be in store for them this 2016.

Msyterium Phillipines
Msyterium Phillipines

Because Mandala Park aims to be a place that harnesses wellness for all, Litton focuses on making sure that emerging local businesses that are aligned with the aesthetics and goals are proudly featured.

A Bountiful Weekend

January at Mandala starts with a well-rounded list of merchants that now include Yakang Yaka Barter, which sells handmade wallets, bags, and shoes. Mouthwatering meat delicacies by D’Famous Imus Longganisa and Perfect Mushrooms unique mushroom goods will also be available.

Visitors who are looking for household names like Jonas Manila, Mister Delicious and Ribs Manila will also be happy to know that these crowd favorites will still be serving delectably filling meals at the market.

For those looking for traditional Filipino fare or comfort food that’s bursting with flavor, Asiong’s Carinderia serves up iconic Caviteño food, while Alavar’s Seafood serves fresh seafood sourced straight from the south, Babci Kuchnia’s classic Polish pierogis, Le Petit Souffle’s interesting French-Japanese fusion, and Gostoso Piri Piri (Portuguese term for source of chili pepper) and Wrapped Shawarma’s spicy offerings are set to satisfy any craving.

Le Petit Souffle's French-Japanese Fusion
Le Petit Souffle’s French-Japanese Fusion
Gostoso Piri-Piri
Gostoso Piri-Piri
Asiong's Carinderia
Asiong’s Carinderia

Thirsty visitors can get refreshed with homegrown brands like Bayani Brew, Stanford & Shaw, Fruit Magic’s Pure Nectar line, Pedro Brewcrafters, and Out of the Box Bulletproof Coffee.

Pedro brewcrafters
Pedro brewcrafters

Of course, no weekend celebration would be complete without a sweet finish, and in Mandala Park it comes through mainstays Scout’s Honor and Fog City Creamery which will be serving their own signature treats. Good Food Community, in turn, will be serving organically harvested local farm foods while Trigo PH serves quality baked goods.

Salted Caramel ice cream from Fog City
Salted Caramel ice cream from Fog City Creamery
Trigo PH Parmesan Crisps
Trigo PH Parmesan Crisps

A complete holistic experience

 Completing the well-rounded and chill atmosphere of Mandala Park is a feature performance by one-man band Mikki Gozon, AKA Hoochie Coochie, as he delights visitors with his distinct acoustic blues sound.

The Mandala Park weekend market is Litton & Co.’s way of giving back to the community by handing them a venue for bringing people together in celebration of the new year and the affirmation of the harmony that’s ahead for everyone. With amazing finds, relaxing music, and hearty homegrown food, the Mandala Park weekend market continues to inspire people to bask in the warmth of holistic health, wealth, and abundance.