Green Pastures: A Promising Dining Experience


Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Healthy eating does not mean restricting your taste buds to indulge in satisfying flavors. It does not mean one should refrain from mouth-watering food or savoring into exquisite taste. Rather it is being able to feel great, staying energized and having a better outlook on your everyday routine. At Green Pastures, they give you all plus the assurance of a happier and satisfactory dining adventure. Green Pastures

Green Pastures is a farm-to-table restaurant which is created by Cyma Group’s very own chef Robby Goco. The farm-to-table concept created by Chef Robby promises to deliver Filipinos healthier food by using ingredients that are fresh and not canned nor processed. It reaches out to farmers so they can farm locally-sourced ingredients and produced. This is also one reason why Green Pastures took seven long years before opening its doors to its public.

Green Pastures

It is healthy. It is organic. And the food tastes superb. But what’s the catch? Aside from the farm-house vibe, it is their constantly evolving menu that will keep you going back. In the good old days, restaurants changed their menus according to the available ingredients. Chef Robby thought they could apply this to Green Pastures to ensure their customers that they get to consume the freshest ingredients in the market. Now, Green Pastures is an ingredient-based restaurant that also aims to create high-quality food.

The FOODFINDSASIA team had the privilege to lavish in some of Green Pasturesoriginal recipes.

Feature salad for each month changes as well. For the month of June, savor to the flavors of summer in this month’s salad Endless Summer Salad. The sweetness of strawberries and mangoes adds up to the summer vibe of the salad.Green Pastures

The team also had a chance to try their House Made Cheese which is served with their own toast bread. Indulge to the three different kinds of cheese which they offer. Their Ricotta Cheese is made of cow’s milk topped with onion jam and roasted garlic. If you want their cheese with a touch of sweetness, try their Burrata Cheese which is made of Mt. Atok organic strawberries, cherry tomato and olive oil. But the personal favorite is their Stracciatella Cheese which is from buffalo milk and has EVOO and arugula.Green Pastures

For vegans out there, we suggest to try their Ultimate F2T Lasagna layered with three cheese, roasted carrot puree and mushrooms. Green Pastures

And for the last piece on our list, their Roast Organic Chicken will simply leave you wanting more. Their native chicken comes from one of Batangas’ poultry farms, and undergoes a long process to make it stay organic as possible. With every bite, you will surely taste it! Green Pastures

If you want to try out something Korean in flavor, their KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower). It is sided with a dip that the kids would surely love.

There are also available juices that serves to satisfy, to purify, to detoxify and to hydrate. You can ask a diet plan for the intake of these juices.Green Pastures

Green Pastures keeps on getting better than it was yesterday. Not only does it promote healthy eating, it also helps our fellow brothers and sister to have a sustainable livelihood. It has fulfilled its promise of bringing sumptuous and healthy meals on its customer’s table.

If you crave for something new, better and not good grease, head over to Green Pastures and dine with your loved ones. Go green, eat green and let them keep their promise to give you a satisfying dining experience.

PHOTOS By: Jerald Mercado