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Breakfast is the most important meal. It provides the energy and nutrients you will need to for the rest of the day. However, it is often overlooked. People nowadays go through their day without having a proper meal to start it off.

At Green Pastures, they focus on going back to basics and making things from scratch, like serving real buttermilk pancakes made fresh in the store. They didn’t even use Maple syrup instead they have their own butterscotch using local organic honey.

Green Pastures Blueberry Pancake
Green Pastures Blueberry Pancake
served with whipped butter and honey butterscotch

The sourdoughs are fermented for 5 days and are served with jams, marmalade, and peanut butter that are all house-made.

Green Pastures
sourdough toast with strawberry marmalade
Green Pastures
sourdough toast with orange marmalade
Green Pastures Green Shakshuka
Green Shakshuka
salsa verde, 142 degree egg, served with sourdough toast

Green Pastures is the farm-to-table, back-to-basics, organic restaurant of Cyma’s Chef Robby Goco. Most of the ingredients are locally-sourced, no MSG or canned ingredients and all items are homemade.

Aside from traditional breakfast classics, they also created their own version of the favorite breakfast sandwiches from fast food joints but using better and homemade ingredients. Their sandwiches are served with sausage patties that they made from scratch and eggs that they call “custard eggs” because it’s cooked for 30 minutes. But what’s the catch? They don’t offer sandwiches with ketchup, instead they use their homemade pepper jam.

Green Pastures Pandesal
Green Pastures Pandesal
100% whole wheat heirloom recipe, with kesong puti and bangus in extra-virgin olive oil.
Green Pastures Sausage, egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich
Green Pastures Sausage, Egg, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
-Brioche bun, custard egg, farmer’s ham, cheddar cheese, onion jam and sriracha mango

Green Pastures also offers Filipino breakfast items but with a flare on it. Their Cauli-bowls are all Filipino favorites with a choice of either Local Akawushi Tapa, Tinapa from Calbayog City or Longganisa from organic pigs grown in the farms of Cagayan. Instead of rice, they offer cauliflower so you can still get the same comfort without having to worry about the amount of carbs you’re consuming.

Green Pastures Longganisa Cauli-Bowl
Green Pastures Longganisa Cauli-Bowl
-Cagayan Valley organic longganisa, roasted cherry tomato, custard egg, homemade atchara
Green Pastures Avocado Farmhouse Power Grain Bow
Green Pastures Avocado Farmhouse Power Grain Bowl
-shredded kale, quinoa, konbu roasted chicken, Mambo goat cheese, 5-minute duck egg, bacon, corn, avocado, grape tomatoes, honey mustard dill vinaigrette

They also tried to adapt their customer’s lifestyle so for those looking for a meal high in fiber, they offer the cantaloupe with overnight oats and the multi grain arroz caldo. These powerbowls are designed as a pre-workout meal to give you that energy boost.

Green Pastures Cantaloupe Overnight Oats
Green Pastures Cantaloupe Overnight Oats
-strawberries, organic honey

Green Pastures, your healthier, heartier, and happier ways to start off your day.

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