Go Organic on a Budget – 4 Tips to Buy Organic Food Without Breaking Bank

Go Organic on a Budget – 4 Tips to Buy Organic Food Without Breaking Bank 2020 - Food Finds Asia
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Food Finds Asia| Go Organic on a Budget – 4 Tips to Buy Organic Food Without Breaking Bank |Lately, going organic has shifted from merely being a catchword to the favorite mantra of people who want to live a healthier life. People eat vegetables, fruits, and meat to replenish their vitamin, minerals, and protein deficiencies, not to take a toll on their health by consuming pesticide, and bioengineered genes laden fruits and vegetables, and meat of livestock raised on growth hormones. Such regular food is not only nutrition deficient, but also harmful for health on so many levels.

Eating organic food is becoming popular as it is free of harmful chemicals, fresh, flavorful, and rich in vitamins – having everything hard to find in the regular food. But switching to organic food means shattering your budget because it is 50-80% pricer than commercially produced food. The good thing is that with a little bit of planning and strategizing things, you can switch to organic eating without doing a whole in your pocket.

Here are some tips for a smooth organic transition so that you don’t have to hold back yourself from living a healthier life:

Buy from Local Farmers:

Buying organic food from a supermarket is seriously not at all recommended because their prices are sky-high. Directly purchasing the food from local farmers cuts the middle hassle, and you get the food at the best quality and price. It is even better to buy food, like meat, eggs, chicken in bulk because you can save a few more dollars, which you can spend on something that you might have been thinking of dropping due to a low budget. You can check out different bulk sets on Our Cow, and find the best deal that suits your budget.

Buy Seasonal Produce:

You can’t blame yourself if you are craving to eat strawberries in the middle of December. After all, no one has control over random cravings that grab you out of nowhere. But buying any out of season fruit or vegetable means paying almost double the price you spend in the season. So, be smart and buy the produce within the season. Store some portion of these fruits and vegetables in your deep freeze to satisfy out-of-season cravings without spending anything.

Compare Prices on Different Stores:

Prices of the produce vary from store to store, and market to market. Like, you can find strawberries in one area for $4.02, and in another area, they might go as high as $8.02. So, spend a few weekends roaming in different markets and shops. Compare prices and find the best place that sells quality within budget. It might take some time, but things will get a lot easier and budget-friendly once you will find the shop for thrift-shopping.

Go Green with Green Thumb:

If you can handle a bit of the hassle and have a thing for gardening, then growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is the best thing. It gives a surety that everything is ‘actually’ organic, and also helps you save a lot of money. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, peaches, oranges, and a lot more in your backyard, and stick to an organic diet without breaking your bank. But don’t forget to take care of your field because it hurts a lot to see your hard work getting dry due to your negligence.

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