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Looking for the perfect place to satisfy irresistible comfort food cravings? Get up and gear up soldiers! All the way from far north, and is now here in Metro Manila, is a restaurant serving their dishes with proud and honor. Salute everyone as we give you KABOOM WINGS + BURGER!

This fast-casual diner specializes in glazed fried chicken dishes oozing with different flavors and memorable signature burgers. KABOOM offers a fusion of American and Filipino local food. With KABOOM located along the U-belt area in Recto, it is a perfect place for college students to hang out and chill after a day of intense and mind-bending studying.

Naming the restaurant KABOOM is a simple gesture to appreciate the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo (which is near the first location of the restaurant), and to honor the courage of our Filipino soldiers who gave up their lives to protect the citizens of the Philippines. The owners of this military-themed restaurant are young entrepreneurs whose experiences came from previous food businesses. KABOOM originally aimed to serve good food to two types of group: first to O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac visitors who are local and foreign tourist; and secondly is to the local and foreign BALIKATAN soldiers who attend military exercises yearly.

Why wings and burger? After months of planning and conceptualizing, they came up with an original recipe for their fried chicken that resembles to Buffalo Wings and classic techniques in making delicious burger. With their noticeable great success in Tarlac, they have made a decision to bring their lavishing flavors to the busy streets of Manila.

KABOOM lets the FOODFINDS ASIA team dig into some of its irresistible comfort food. So FFA Joes! Ready. Set. Dig in!

First in the list is their all-time classic burger for their patriotic soldiers. KABOOM Original Burger (P80) will let you indulge in their signature burgers made with original beef patties and fresh vegetables.

Kaboom Burger

Kaboom Burger

Divide and conquer! These two pieces BBQ Shotguns (P104) is served with rice and large ice teas that would surely accomplish your mission.

Kaboom Shotguns

Call the whole cavalry and soak your teeth into these delectable KABOOM Wings. Ready the squad for big servings of flavored fried chicken dishes. Yummy!

Kaboom Wings

Lastly, satisfy the whole battalion’s taste buds with their best-seller Smokey Spaghetti. Partnered with their mouth-watering classic flavored fried chicken or their signature butter, their spaghetti will surely make you shout “READY!”

Smokey Spaghetti

If you are looking for a place to satisfy your cravings, march over to KABOOM WINGS + BURGERS located at Recto Central Arcade, JPD Bldg., 1995 Recto Avenue cor N. Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila. Be a part of their endless stories of success. Ready soldiers for the next battle!

PHOTOS By: Jerald Mercado

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