From Luneta (Ice Cream)… with Love, Part 2


by Rey P. Beltran |

Here’s the concluding part of the article about Luneta Ice Cream and the couple behind the ice cream that’s sweeping the Pinoys in The Netherlands off their feet.

This is where Luneta Ice Cream is born. In the humble kitchen of Rhea and Dennis,
This is where Luneta Ice Cream is made. In the humble kitchen of Rhea and Dennis.

FFA: Do you serve your ice cream at home, to family and friends? What do they say?

Rhea: Of course we do. Our immediate families and close friends are our product testers and, yes, they like them very much. They have their own favorites. ​They are our support group in selling, events, and promotion, as well. The name (Luneta) was the idea of our friend Walter Labajo, and the logo was designed by another friend from Singapore, Allan Osido. I’d say, Luneta Ice Cream is a product of love and support by our families and friends all over the world.

FFA: What’s your special ice cream?

Rhea: Our best seller is ube macapuno and buco pandan. For non-Filipinos, they love halo-halo and Philippine mango. Chocolate lovers love our rocky road, of course. Recent​ favorite is the pink guava. But we take pride that our ice creams are all special. We made them ourselves from our own tiny kitchen.

The logo every Pinoy in The Netherlands recognizes.
The logo every Pinoy in The Netherlands recognizes.

FFA: What’s your favorite local ice cream? How about foreign ice cream?

​Rhea: Personally, the old Selecta super chocolate. After that, dirty ice cream. No favorite foreign ice cream. My husband, on the other hand, loves Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge.​

FFA: Any plans of further expanding?

​Rhea: Yes, of course, slowly but surely. We are focusing now in saturating The Netherlands market.​ It’s a matter of supply and demand balance. ​

FFA: Where do you get your ice cream or dessert fix? What’s your recommended place for a good dessert place?

​Rhea: Well, we do make a lot of sweets, and a lot of our friends make a lot of pastries as well, so having a favorite place to eat dessert is not on our list. ​

FFA: Thus far, what’s the most valuable lesson you can impart to our readers?

​Rhea: Love and passion in what you do. Maintain, and eventually develop, your unique selling proposition. Have a realizable vision. Empathize with your customers—bring them happiness, not just a product. Plan with a balanced, idealistic but realistic mind. Think outside the box. Deliver beyond what is expected. Life lessons talaga ito, ever since.


  1. Artificial sweeteners or white sugar? White.​
  2. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.​
  3. Magnolia or Selecta? Selecta​
  4. Coffee or Juice? Coffee​
  5. If you are an ice cream, what flavor are you? Why? Luneta Ice Cream Rocky Road. Real chocolate, not powder. With lots of adventure while having it.​

That’s it, folks! We here at Food Finds Asia had a fun time with Luneta Ice Cream’s Rhea Topacio-Rogacion. Now, if we can only get that ice cream here in the Philippines!

Luneta Ice Cream is distributed in The Netherlands. Visit, email:, like them on facebook: lunetaicecream, and follow them on instagram: lunetaicecream