Free up your space: 5 tips for storing your things at home creatively

Free up your space

Free up your space: 5 tips for storing your things at home creatively | Believe it or not, you can still live peacefully in a limited space even though you have lots of stuff. What is the secret? Creative storage solutions. Maybe you have heard about it or even experienced it yourself. We sometimes find our homes looking cramped and cluttered. We might even deny it, ourselves, but sometimes, we even think that our homes no longer feel like one. No matter how hard you clean, it still feels too messy. We have heard all about it. While your interior’s design can also be a factor, we should also look at how we organize and store our things for now. Good thing, we are here today to help with decluttering your items at home!

#1 Maximize your space

Let us start with something more general. If you feel like your house is a bit too cluttered, maybe you have not looked at other corners of your house yet? Maybe you need to declutter a spot and transfer other things to another location? You can explore this idea and get creative. You will never know how much you can store your stuff in a particular spot without making it look so messy! A lot of ideas are in trend today, like over the toilet storage ideas and more!

#2 Consider hanging your stuff

You might find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the stuff that is scattered on the floor or surfaces. To ease up for other things, you can free some space by just hanging it on the walls. This way, it lessens up the clutter and can even serve as a décor for your home! Your yard can look a bit messy with all those tools piled up sloppily on a corner. Hanging some garden tools can make your garden look more refreshing. It can add a boho look, too! Your kitchen can use some decluttering by hanging pots and pans instead of storing them in the cupboard. You might find that they occupy lots of space in the cupboard and can even be home for dust and other pests in the house. For more space and sanitation, hang your cookware on sturdy hooks.

#3 Have enough containers

Your home can also be messy because things are all over the place. Get enough containers for things that you think you will use along with others. For example, you can put all your laundry supplies like your detergent pods or any other laundry needs in an appealing container. This will make it easily accessible for you when you need it. More than this, it also makes the area look organized and appealing. 

#4 Add labels

Make sure that you will add labels to your containers. Anyone can mess all our containers up again because they could not find the thing they are looking for. With this, make sure that you have most—if not all—of your containers properly labeled. Labeling containers will make it easier to search for. Consider also organizing your kitchen cabinet and labeling each container. Do you not find it a bit messy to see all your ingredients, with their different shapes and sizes, lined up in your kitchen storage? You can go extra and transfer dry ingredients into jars or containers. This way, all your ingredients will look more organized with their uniformed containers and proper labeling. Avoid messy laundry baskets, too, by labeling them with the right garment designation. This set-up will help you a lot when you do the laundry.

#5 Hide the things you can hide

Some things are better left tucked away and hidden. If there are things you can hide, go, and place them there. An example of this is how you should hide your cleaning supplies. It can be tricky to store them properly, but this is quite simple. You will just need a tall cabinet. Inside, you install a wall mount rack so you can hang your broom, mop, and other long cleaning necessities. Get a caddy, so moving around with your supplies will be easy when you are cleaning. Inside the bathroom, keep your necessities like beauty products and towels in a cabinet. Place your tissues inside cute tissue boxes so it will look presentable. If you have kids, you might have an idea about how messy they are. Make sure to have proper containers for toys and to put them away.

Proper storage is the secret!

Here are just a few tips for organizing your home. There are a lot more creative ideas you can learn about! The bottom line here is to get the right containers and storage needs. These containers might even make your stuff look charming! You might find efficient storage containers in your nearest home furniture shops. The best thing to do is to check our storage finds in reliable online sites like