6 Food Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur in You – Part 2

food business ideas

Ann Gabriel | FoodFindsAsia

Have you decided already what food business you’ll start from our first set of business ideas? Wait til you read the rest of our list:

Jams Maker

Build a list of tried and tested jam recipes and improve on it. Create branded labels and sell your goods at local fairs, farmers markets and events, or sell them online using Marketboost’s online selling platform that’s already connected to a payment gateway and has the means to deliver them anywhere in the Philippines. Search for high-quality fruit and mason jar suppliers.


Think about the stress party hosts go through whenever there is a family celebration. They are barely able to enjoy the party because of the much needed preparation.

If you are skilled in cooking and you have the means and ability to cook delicious meals for a large group of people, you can earn by alleviating the stress of planning and preparing food for parties as a caterer.

Big events like weddings and debuts will be difficult to handle without a team. Make sure you have one, just in case you care considering to be in this business in a large scale. If not, be contented to handle small gatherings by yourself or with a business partner. Make sure you have kitchen space where you can prepare the meals. Buy a van or have a means to transport the food to your clients party venue.

Food Truck

It all started in Makati. Have you hear about the Jolli-Jeep? If you wish to open a restaurant without paying rental space, and a lot of expensive kitchen equipment, you can.

With a decent, spacious van and a small-scale food prep station, food trucks are a great alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants. Pick a food type, one that will be fast selling and easy to prepare. Perfect a recipe. Sell. You will definitely earn from this due to a small startup cost, competitive pricing and lower risks of failures.

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