Filipino Food Babies Blazing Up the Internet

food babies

Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

What if one day, you see your favorite Filipino dish walking down your street looking all adorable and cute? Will you still eat them?

If they are as cute as what fourth year Fine Arts student of Kalayaan College Basil Nacionales has portrayed, then we might just adore them and let them walk.

With one creative mind and one empty stomach, Basil came up with 15 Filipino food babies which includes our all time favorite ulam Adobo to morning meriendas like Taho. Her babies are dressed with different Filipino outfits such as kimono, Maria Clara, the Muslim attires and more. Without her expecting it, Basil’s food babies became viral reaching a 2.1k likes and another 2.6k shares.

In an interview with Basil, she shares to us that the idea of portraying Filipino dishes to cute babies happened one time while brainstorming hungry. With all her thoughts revolving on food, the creation of her babies began. These was one requirement for her subject. She also said that it took her months of research before she was able to come up with her characters. Check out her babies below:

food babies

food babies

food babies

To see more of her babies, you can visit her Facebook page B-TAN.

According to Basil, the people’s hot picks when it comes to her babies are Balut, Halo-halo, Lechon, and Tinola. If you will ask who we love, we have the twins to start with – Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. Not only are we fascinated with the taste of the delicacies, but we also loved how Basil pictured them.

Can’t get enough of them? Don’t lose hope. Basil revealed to us that she is thinking of adding more outfits for her 15 darlings. She is also planning to publish a children’s book called Bahay Kusina which will star her 15 dishes. She has so many plans with her babies that you should start following her for more updates. How cool is that?

As for now, all we have to do is wait for Basil’s further updates, and stickers soon! *fingers crossed*

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