Family Traditions Best Shared on Video and How to Record Them

Family Traditions Best Shared on Video and How to Record Them
Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash

FoodFindsAsia | Family Traditions Best Shared on Video and How to Record Them | Have you ever stopped to think about just how many family traditions are being kept alive over the years? Why do we do some of the things we do? Is it perhaps because our parents always did something, and their parents before them and the generations before them as well? Over time, some of these traditions seem to get lost in the translation and if you would like to keep them alive for your children and grandchildren, why not video record them so that the traditions are passed down in more than just oral recitations? Here are some examples of family traditions best shared on video.

Traditional Holiday Recipes

Here is something most of us wish we could remember just how our mothers made that dish or perhaps grandma before her. If you have a particular menu item for a holiday that you would like carried down through the generations, why not make a video recording of just how it’s done. For example, in some Orthodox Christian faiths, they make Easter bread to be blessed on Holy Saturday in their church. 

Not only could you record the actual making of the bread, braiding it, and inserting hard-boiled eggs into the braids but you could also record the blessing of the bread at your church as well. An event like this would probably need to be edited, and for that, you’d probably need something like a Lenovo RTX Gaming PC because of the high-end graphics platform that was developed for more than just streaming games. Many architects and graphic designers use this platform and if you are looking to document a tradition, you might want the same benefits of high-end graphics.

Parental Consent for Engagements

In many cultures, the bride’s father still needs to give a formal consent when a man asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage. This is something that could be loads of fun video recording. Perhaps the dad could be tipped off that the boyfriend was about to ask for her hand and he would be ready to ask, in response, “Are you asking for just her hand or all of her?” Imagine the boyfriend’s reaction as he’s down on one knee.

Or perhaps the humor could be on the boyfriend’s part. He could add bits of humor like “I promise not to beat her every time she forgets to starch all my shirts before ironing them,” or “I promise she will never need to work more than two jobs to support the household.” Obviously, these would be things he would NEVER in a lifetime do, but to see the father’s reaction would be priceless. It’s a way to keep a family tradition light and fun to share. 

Decorating and Lighting the Christmas Tree

While this isn’t something that would soon be forgotten, there will come a time when those holiday memories would soothe the soul. There will come a time when, for one reason or another, the family can’t be all together for decorating and lighting the Christmas tree. This is probably one of the most common family traditions, no matter what your faith. People from all religions love the lights on the tree and what has become a secular holiday is shared by many. Many families like to share memories on Christmas Eve as they sit around the well-lit tree to reminisce on days gone by.

Can you think of family traditions you wish you had video recorded? If so, it’s not too late! Get out the camcorder this year so that you can start a new tradition. That would be making video memories to last through the ages.

Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash