Don’t Make these 5 Common Cooking Mistakes


By Ana Margarita Olar |

Are you a kitchen newbie or a chef wannabe? Although there are recipes that are discovered by mistakes,

Cooking Mistake # 1: Not reading the entire recipe before cooking

The recipe is your map in cooking. When you miss an important detail, your cooking will end up in a disaster. Missing or misunderstanding a procedure can be a waste of time. Failing to marinate, simmer for several hours, thaw, all lead to waste of ingredients, time and effort in cooking.

Solution: Read the recipe and the ingredients thoroughly so that you can plan if you need to marinate or simmer the meat in advance. In this way, you can also avoid missing a recipe or a procedure such as what ingredient should go to the pan first, and whether the ingredients need to be peeled, crushed, chopped, strained, or whipped.

cooking-mistakes-2Cooking Mistake # 2: You don’t taste as you cook.

This can lead to over seasoned or under seasoned food. Or sometimes, using salt when you must have used sugar and vice versa. And aside from the wrong flavor, it can also lead to a wrong texture of food.

Solution: The solution is simple: take the time to taste while you are cooking so that you’ll know when to add a seasoning or when the meat is tender or when you have to add more water to what you’re cooking.

Cooking Mistake# 3:  Too much food on the pan.

You can either put in too many ingredients in a small sized pan, or you fail to anticipate that the ingredient will increase in volume when boiled such as macaroni, and spaghetti. This results in an uneven heat distribution, soggy meat, or a large lump of pasta falling from your pan.

Solution: Make sure that you use an appropriate size of pan or better, cook the food in two batches. Food releases moisture as it cooks to the steam needs room to escape. Leave an ample breathing room within the pan for best results.

Cooking Mistake # 4: You turn the food too often.

When you fry, you either forgot to turn it at the right time resulting in a burned food, or flipping the food too much, which results in the breading sticking to the pan rather than the meat, or the meat itself sticking to the pan.

Solution: Make sure that the pan and the cooking oil is hot before cooking. And look for the sign that the meat is ready to be turned- you can easily slide the spatula under the meat.  Also you can try this technique, dredge the meat in the flour, dip in egg or buttermilk, and then coat with bread crumbs. The flour and the egg or buttermilk helps to make the breading cling to the meat.

Cooking Mistake # 5: Your meat sticks to the grill.

This results from a grimy grill or insufficient heat.

Solution: Pat dry the meat with a paper towel before grilling, clean and prep the grill, lift and coat with cooking spray or swab with oil . And don’t use tongs to flip the meat or fish. Instead, use a spatula because it is less likely to tear the meat or fillet.