Safety is First Priority – Domino’s Global CEO Ritch Allison

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Food Finds Asia | Safety is First Priority – Domino’s Global CEO Ritch Allison | Domino’s Pizza is the worldwide leader in delivery, so their stance and actions in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic are important and impactful. Thankfully, Domino’s Pizza, Inc. CEO Ritch Allison penned an open letter to reassure customers that Domino’s is taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their team members and customers. For Domino’s Pizza, customer care and employee safety is the utmost priority.

Dominos Safety PizzaFrom the start, Allison made it clear that Domino’s has an unwavering commitment to safety. “The safety of Domino’s team members and customers is always our first priority. We value the trust you place in Domino’s stores to deliver safe, freshly prepared food.” He backed this up by listing different actions that Domino’s is taking to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“We have implemented a number of precautions based on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and other health authorities to minimize the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 for both team members and customers alike, including an increased emphasis on the things we do each and every day in the interest of food safety.” These steps included mandatory training for staff to reinforce good hygiene and social distancing. There has also been an increase in the frequency of disinfection for all food contact surfaces and other frequently touched services.

“We continue to emphasize the importance of frequent handwashing. We have mandated the use of masks and have strongly encouraged the use of gloves by delivery experts.”

Domino’s Philippines General Manager, Roy Quejada, echoed the sentiments of Allison by reaffirming the importance of safety in everything they do:

Domino's Pizza Safety“We have implemented measures to ensure the pizzas we serve are safe and delicious.” He also shared how important it was for them to be leaders in the community when it comes to safety. “We are making sure our employees follow the necessary safety protocols in order to serve our customers safely. We need to help stop the spread of the disease, and it starts by taking the necessary precautions in our stores with our team members.”

In the Philippines, Domino’s Pizza customer care is also taken very seriously. The frequency of sanitation of high-contact areas including food preparation areas, door handles, Domino’s hot bags, and delivery bikes has been increased. Store members are also washing their hands more frequently, and pizza remains contact-free after it leaves the oven.

Allison concluded his letter with a commitment to customers saying, “While this global pandemic is a new challenge for us all, we will continue to follow the advice of all health authorities and work hard to continue to feed our communities safely.”