Domino’s Philippines Lights up their Signs as a Message of Support to Frontliners and the Community

Domino’s Philippines Lights up their Signs as a Message of Support to Frontliners and the Community 2020 - Food Finds Asia

Food Finds Asia| Domino’s Philippines Lights up their Signs as a Message of Support to Frontliners and the Community| Pizza delivery favorite Domino’s lit up their signs as an expression of support to frontliners everywhere.

In a statement by Domino’s Philippines General Manager, Roy Quejada, he said, “Through these trying times, by remaining open, we wanted to salute the frontliners for their dedication to serve and protect the community that Domino’s is part of.”

Quejada said that lighting up their signs also shows the community that Domino’s serves, that their very own frontliners – from the store team members to the delivery guys – are always ready to serve safe, fresh, and delicious pizzas to bring happiness to as many households that we can reach.

“Our lighted signs give hope to the community that soon, everything will go back to normal,” added Quejada.

Domino’s continues to operate even after the announcement of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) since March 17. While restaurants were exempted from the lockdown of food and retail establishments, as long as there were no dine-ins, many chose not to operate.

However, Domino’s chose to remain open albeit with a skeletal force to remain true to their unwavering commitment to serve the needs of the community especially in times of crisis.

As part of the global guidelines of Domino’s, their increased their already frequent sanitation of high-contact areas for food that they serve and deliver –food preparation areas, door handles, Domino’s hot bags, delivery bikes, as such. Besides practicing social distancing in the workplace, store team members wash their hands more frequently after touching any surface, and before and after each delivery run. Their commitment is for their pizza to remain contact-free after it leaves their very hot 232°C oven and is not touched again by human hands.

Quejada added that Domino’s Philippines lighting up of its signages symbolizes their ardent prayers for healing the nation from the effects of the virus. He noted that during this ECQ, families have bonded and have become closer together.

“We’re glad that wherever Domino’s is present in the community, we have allowed families to enjoy our pizza and be part of that joy,” said Quejada.

Domino’s has also given out their pizzas for free to frontliners in various hospitals as part of their campaign to support their tireless and selfless work.

Domino’s believes that they fulfill their mission by performing tasks above and beyond the call of duty. The lighted signs of Domino’s will remain open until closing time at 8pm, until all the orders are delivered to the communities they serve.

“Stay inside, stay safe, and we’ll deliver your pizza,” concludes Quejada.