Detlef Klatt: The Manila Gusto Gallery


by Angeli Robles,


For most of us food solely exists for the purpose to satisfy our need for nourishment. But for German Designer Detlef Klatt, food is a luxurious experience that deserves to be prepared and as such, “Food is something very emotional if you enjoy it” he explains.



Detlef’s food presentation and tablescapes was unveiled last May 21-24 on the 10th international Food Exhibition (IFEX) at SMX Convention Center as “The Manila Gusto Gallery”. Klatt explained that “the theme is mostly contemporary, but was inspired with elements from the 1920’s and 30’s.”



The exhibit was indeed a grand feast for the eyes and as a flavourful journey for the customers. For the German designer and master florist, food must be displayed in a different way, “just show it” he said, pertaining to the food on galleries and food exhibitions.

“The challenge is really to give the best on the best on the styling on the packaging and on the presentation.” Klatt said as he elaborate his experience on The Manila Gusto Gallery. “I want to do the best way it’s possible, i want to transport this information and these feelings and these emotion” he added.