Wednesday, August 12, 2020
  • College Students

    Quick and Easy Meals for College Students

    The transition from school to university is often a struggle. There’ll be a long adjustment period where you get yourself acquainted with new surroundings, new people, and a new lifestyle. One of the most challenging things to transition to will be your eating habits. It’s incredibly challenging for college students to eat healthy while still […]
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  • Debt Settlement

    How to choose the right culinary

    There are many people who have a real flair when it comes to being creative with food and drinks, and many decide to enter into a career within this field. One of the best routes you can take if you want to get into this sort of career is to go to a good culinary […]
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  • cca-student-janice-bayabis-from-team-meal-masters

    CCA Celebrity Cook-offs

    By Patricia Aleckzandra | Foodfindsasia The love for cooking is one of many traits Filipinos have in common. Around the world, Pinoys have exhibited excellence when it comes to food preparation. In the Philippines, there is a growing number of institutions that offers culinary courses. One of these is the Center for Culinary Arts. Center […]
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  • cca-escoffier-group-photo

    CCA Manila signs up with Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier

    French Cuisine is considered as one of the first established culinary traditions in the world. It’s contributions to cuisines all over the world have become the template for contemporary culinary training. With Filipino cuisine finally becoming popular internationally, it is timely to hinge on a great culinary tradition to create world-class chefs. With the objective of […]
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  • haccp

    Proper Sanitation Builds a Good Reputation

    By Roxanne Joyce Malabanan| via ISCAHM In the meticulous world of food business, it is imperative to be aware of the proper protocols or principles in food service. For any hospitality professional, serving not only good, but safe food must be a top priority. HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point has the role of […]
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  • cca-library-research-center-ribbon-cutting-ceremony

    CCA, Manila proves culinary education leadership with new Library Research Center and Memorabilia Wall

    As the country’s pioneer culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila) has initiated countless groundbreaking endeavors that led to successful graduates in almost every sphere of influence and expertise in the field since 1996. With this thrust remaining at the focus, CCA, Manila etches another milestone as it marked its 19th year recently with […]
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