Commune: Philippine Coffee in a Community Cafe


By Nadj Villaver | FoodFindsAsia

Have you tasted authentic Philippine coffee? With various coffee shops in the Metro, wherein mostly international chains dominate the industry, only a few serve local coffee. One of which is Commune. The newly opened café-bar in 2015 proudly serves 100% Philippine coffee.

commune, commune cafe, commune cafe bar, rosario juan, ros juan, philippine coffeeLocated along a quaint space in Poblacion, Makati, Commune combines artisanal coffee with a relaxed ambiance that gives guests a perfect time to chill with their cup of coffee and friends.


“Filipino coffee does not the attention it deserved. We want to bring attention to Philippine Coffee. We have good coffee that can compete globally,” says Commune owner Rosario Juan.

3D Latte Art
3D Latte Art

Self-confessed coffee addict, Rosario Juan is not new to the coffee industry. She have worked in different coffee shops both local and regional and have visited a whole bunch of café around the globe such as Colombia and Uganda. Asked what coffee bean if she was one, Ros said she’s more likely to be “kapeng barako.” Kapeng Barako is known for its distinct flavor which matches with her strong will.

Digital and social media strategist Rosario Juan (owner of Commune)

Apart from managing her own coffee shop, Ros is a digital and social media strategist. With her profession she realized the importance of integrating digital marketing with offline interaction. In fact, one of the goals of Commune is to embody the definition of the word – a gathering of people sharing a common life. Aside from being a place to get together with friends and different people, Commune acts as a community café that host various events.

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LMG Discovery Night: A Celebration of Coffee and Entrepreneurship


Commune organizes workshops with different artists like calligraphy, water color, paper cutting, and sculpture. They also host meetups of various organizations. Recently, Commune hosted LMG Discovery Night: A Celebration of Coffee and Entrepreneurship, a networking event for entrepreneurs. Moreover, the café-bar also has weekly nightlife event StereoPhonic featuring their curated collection of DJ Patch and guest DJ Boyet Javelona Sison.

What they’re brewing: Filipino Restaurant and event space next door!

commune, commune cafe, local coffee, philippine coffee

Through Commune, Ros hopes to promote the Philippine coffee industry together with the continuous effort of the Philippine Coffee Board by helping raise fund for farming coffee beans.