Sweet Treats in Makati’s CBD from Cuptails


by Jim Moriones | Foodfindsasia.com |

I took a side trip through the bustling streets of Ayala Avenue and Dela Rosa Street in Legaspi Village and have found a haven for cupcake lovers everywhere.

Cuptails serves a variety of mean cupcakes and bars, coffee and cocktails on-the-go for the weary workforce of the Makati’s Central Business District.

The price is just right on the budget. The place is cozy and the company friendly. They also serve a full mug of coffee that perks up a dragging meeting.

Need a balanced treat? There’s a Big Chill outlet on the other end of Cuptails. This is because the owner, Dan Francisco, was a former top honcho of The Big Chill Company. He is now a full time entrepreneur.

Sharing some pics…

Chocolate Martini Photo Credits to Jim Moriones
Chocolate Martini
Margarita Photo Credits to Jim Moriones
Cosmopolitan Photo Credits to Jim Moriones
Lemon Bomb Photo Credits to Jim Moriones
Lemon Bomb

Dan told me that the best time to visit is during Tuesdays or Wednesdays when all cupcake varieties are available. They even make customized cupcakes and cake pops, from bouquet cupcakes to fondant toppers.

Hungry? Cuptails serve soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches and even rice bowls!

Cuptails and Big Chill Photo Credits to Jim Moriones
The place is big enough for small meetings.

Big Chill Photo Credit to Jim Moriones  Big Chill Photo Credits to Jim Moriones

You can find Cuptails and Big Chill at the 3rd Level Carpark 1, Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, and you can contact them through this number, (632) 833 33 35.