CCA Manila brings Regional Food Trail to IFEX Philippines 2015

Adobo sa Dilaw

by Daisy Rose Ann Tercenio, |

The grandest and most anticipated food show in the country has finally commenced in a buoyant and festive mood as it opens its doors to a number of foreign and local visitors, traders and even investors.

It has been 20 years since the first biennial International Food Exhibition (IFEX) was held. This year on its 10th convention, the regional food trail stars the event. Taste by Design Food Trail is a new engrossing addition to the line-up of activities in the IFEX Philippines 2015. This exciting activity gives everyone an avenue to sample and exhibit the diverse tastes of local recipes and delicacies all over Luzon. Several Chefs and culinary students from the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila showcased the country’s iconic dishes such as adobo, pancit habhab, and lumpia served in varied cooking styles by the region. ­­The Adobo sa Puti or walang soy sauce that has luyang dilaw or turmeric was a hit for being distinctive and undeniably yummy. It comes on thin, crunchy, hollow bread that makes the combination absolutely savory.

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When asked about what Chef Martin del Prado of CCA liked the most about this International Food Exhibit, he said, “It showcases a lot of the Philippines. All our products. All that we have”.

The Taste Test Trail includes developing new food concepts to introduce to people and to see if people would embrace its unique, innovative taste. They focus on reinventing recipes and giving birth to new menus, surprising the people’s palate on how mouth-watering these traditional delicacies can be transformed.

Well of course, great inventions really come from experimentations. We could really explore a lot may it be on food or some other aspects. There’s a lot to show and we’ll never run out of them. What else could our rich aesthetic senses be for?