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Friday, August 23, 2019

Hottest Tech Gifts for the Holiday

by Erika Santoro, via CNBC | From smartphones to wearables, there is an array of tech gadgets for all ages that may be worth considering this holiday...

A Bright Future for America’s Food Industry

by Tamara Omazic, via QSR | It’s 2029 in Albany, New York—your average American city. A family of four stops by the corner sandwich shop...

Filipino Delicacies Go Global via eCommerce

by Annelle Tayao-Juego , via Inquirer.net | Chocolate moron (steamed rice cake) from Abuyog in Leyte, handwoven banig (mats) from Zamboanga, coconut jam with coco sugar...

Food Trends That Will Set The Pace for Years

by Domenick Celentano, Food & Beverage Expert | JWT is on top of the latest food trends and I enjoy speaking with Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting...

Why Ronald McDonald Failed On Twitter: Branding Lessons

by Carol Tice, via Forbes | Back in April, McDonald’s made an announcement: Their newly made-over mascot, Ronald McDonald, was going to start tweeting, under...

10 Restaurant Trends That Will Change Your Dining Habits In 2015

by Carol Tice | What new craze will sweep the nation’s dining scene next year? Restaurant patrons have barely begun thinking about their Christmas shopping,...

The Art and Science of Event Investment

 by Event Marketer | The event industry is more focused on measurement than ever. And the quest to prove the all-mighty return on the investment requires three...

How to Leverage Instagram, Snapchat and Vine for Events

New White Paper Introduces the New Power Trio of Social Media and Details How They Work, Who Uses Them and How to Make Them...

4 Reasons Why You Should Live Tweet at Your Next Event

by ActuallyWeCreate.com | You’re all over Twitter and you add #hashtags to your tweets like a boss. But maybe it’s time to take your tweeting to...

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