The Case of Clogged Kitchen Sinks

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Mitzi Ilagan | FoodFindsAsia

Everything may seem to be working well in the kitchen until you hear that burping sound from the sink as you finish washing the dishes. What’s more to that is that the water seems to be forming a soapy pool, and it’s been minutes that you’ve been waiting for it to settle down the drain.

This is one of the warnings we observe as we use our kitchen sink every day. Kitchen sink clogs are usually caused by grease and leftovers, which were not filtered because you may not be using a garbage disposer or a stopper. These mainly cause clogs, which may seem unavoidable when living in a large household which consumes large amounts of food. Some may say that it is okay to let small food particles to go down the drain because they are too small, but one will never know that it might remain in one part and may block more particles, which may eventually make a blockage.

This may not be the only sign that problems are building up down the drain. As you flush your toilet, there may be gurgling sounds from the tub and shower drains and the process seems to slow down. Something might have been caught down the pipes that is why the water takes time to go down. This may also happen when you use your bathroom sink. Once a pipe is clogged, some other parts of the house which has pipes may also be affected because they are usually interconnected.

Most household experience this problem and all they try to do is poke stick through the drain to remove clogs. But sometimes, this may not be the only solution to the clogs. You don’t have to disassemble and cut down the pipes to know what’s blocking the system. You may try to pour hot water through the drains at least once a week to help avoid build-up of grease and small particles which may clog the pipes. But if you’d observe that there may be something worse, it’s time for you to call a plumber. Roto-Rooter Philippines is a company specializing in preventive maintenance and repairs so you don’t have to worry about your drain problems anymore. You could call them anytime you need them or you could schedule their service at any time convenient. Their trained technicians could repair or replace your drain lines. They even use bio-augmentation products so as to prevent further clogs in your drain lines. Pipe lines inside the house have their limitations and lifespan that is why, even when these signs aren’t observable, it is highly recommended to prevent them as early as possible.

Proper maintenance of things inside the house is one thing that one should never forget, so that everything would work as smoothly as possible. Just because you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean that it is working all too good.

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