Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Fab Five is Out!

(L-R ) Vietnamese Coffee, He's Not Worth It, Secret Breakfast, Milk Tea, and Turkish Baclava
(L-R ) Vietnamese Coffee, He's Not Worth It, Secret Breakfast, Milk Tea, and Turkish Baclava

Patricia Aleckzandra | | Ice cream has never been this good! And with Carmen’s Best Fab Five, it is getting BETTER!

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, a premium ice cream from the Philippines, launched two new flavors that catches the taste buds of ice cream lovers and sweet tooth held at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, Makati City. One of the two new flavors that they launched is their Vietnamese Coffee. If you crave for coffee that much, try this flavor! Real Vietnamese coffee beans and a touch of condense milk will surely bring you straight to Vietnam. To ensure that you get premium taste of their Vietnamese Coffee, their staffs are well-trained by locals themselves on how to properly steep the coffee before mixing it to ice cream. It is a must-try!

Another newest addition to their flavors is their Milk Tea. Milk tea lovers and people who would like to try milk tea in another new way, then try this one! This flavor will surely give you a taste of milk tea in ice cream form.

To complete their Fab Five are three mouth-watering flavors that are already in their menu starting with Turkish Balkava. Balkava is a dessert which originated in the Middle East. It is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo with chopped nuts sweetened and held together with honey. Their Turkish Balkava Ice Cream, which have been in their menu for two years, would simply leave you wanting more.

You do not need to fly to San Francisco to try their Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Parlor’s top selling flavor, Secret Breakfast. What is the secret with in this ice cream? It is just simple! This flavor is made with bourbon and corn flakes bits… thus the name Secret Breakfast.

Going through a horrible break-up is more bearable if you have ice cream by your side. Completing their Fab Five is their very popular flavor He’s Not Worth It. Indulge in dark chocolate oozing with nuts and fudge while eating over that heartbreak. Find out why people rely on He’s Not Worth It by trying it yourself.

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream continuously serve premium ice cream to its customers. Making its way on top in a fast pace because of its high quality and edgy flavors, this Pinoy-made ice cream has reached international customers as well. Carmen’s Best will no doubt give another face to our usual ice cream.

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(L-R) Vietnamese Coffee, Vietnamese Milk Tea, He’s Not Worth It, Turkish Baclava, and Secret Breakfast