Cafe At The Ranch: The Place for Your Next Weekend Getaway

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Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Is your week anything but stress written all over? Do you wish to unwind somewhere relaxing? We have the perfect place for you. In the southern part of Luzon lies a little haven where you can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cafe At The Ranch is surely the place you can run to!

Cafe At The Ranch is owned by Miss Mikee Villano, a graduate of International Hospitality Management at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde and daughter of prominent businessman Mr. Michael Villano. Located at Brgy. Mahabang Ludlod in the heritage town of Taal, Cafe At The Ranch will give you the break you deserve. Unlike any other cafe in the area, Cafe At The Ranch is located in the MGM Farm which is a bit far from the highway. To get to the cafe, you will enter a narrow road leading to a dirt road. Take a turn to the right or when you see a sign that says “Cafe At The Ranch”. It would not take longer than five minutes to get there.

When we arrived, we were awed by what we saw. The place looked like it was taken out from the Spanish era and was placed there. We were greeted by an old bahay-na-bato which houses the cafe. With its welcoming, homey, and light ambiance, people will be happy to come back. It is the perfect place to relax for a few days since the cafe is also offers lodging.



Our trip to the ranch-slash-cafe would not be complete if we don’t get to try out their dishes. Their menu (which is somehow like a fusion of the east and the west) are the family’s favorite dishes when eating out. Others are heirloom recipes that they decided to serve their customers. Their dishes are both satisfying to the eyes and to the taste buds. And when we say satisfying to the eyes, we mean very Instagramable.

Since the team haven’t eaten anything since breakfast, it was a great idea to have our brunch at the ranch. Their rice meals are either complemented with turmeric rice or java rice which adds to the dish’s homey meals vibe.

While waiting for the food, we are served with Focaccia Bread. This toasted finger-like bread is paired with a dip made from olive oil and some basil leaves. It is served for free and before your meal as their welcoming dish. You can munch on it before you feast with your orders.


We started pigging out with the Baked Salmon (P380). The salmon was well-cooked and was perfectly combined with fried rice.


Next is their Mom’s Chicken Cordon Bleu (P320). What I love most about this is that you will surely taste the cheese in every bite. Its complementary veggies are very yummy as well.


Another dish that we also loved is their Jack Daniel’s Baby Back Ribs (P370). The tenderness of the meat was simply satisfying that you can feel it in every bite. Their sauce also has a certain taste that takes your “Cafe At The Ranch baby back ribs experience” to another level.


We were also fortunate to taste one of their pasta dishes. Their Carbonisa (P240) which is actually carbonara topped with Taal’s famous longganisa, is one of their prized dishes. Aside from putting delicious carbonara on your table, they also have put a bit of Taal in it.


If you are not a fan of pasta or rice meals, you can always try their Bigboy’s Pizza (P280). It is made out of thin crust topped with bell pepper, meat and cheese. At first, it looks like ordinary cheese pizza. But when you take just even the first bite, you will notice a hint of spice on it which actually suits the cheesy flavor it brings.


For our drinks, we had their Homemade Iced Tea (P70). You might find it too sweet if you are not used of too much sweetness. Yet, look on the bright side. You could just ask for a glass of water, pour half of your iced tea in it, and viola! More iced tea for you.


One of the things everybody looks forward to is the desserts. We had two – their Jet’aime (P120), and Brownie Belgium Waffle A la Mode (P150). Both of the desserts were topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Their Jet’aime which is banana crepe with nutella, homemade tsokolate (that’s how they spell it) sauce, and vanilla ice cream is simply superb. The sweetness of the banana inside the crepe matches the taste of vanilla ice cream and their homemade syrup.


On the other hand, their Brownie Belgium Waffle A la Mode is perfect for chocolate lovers out there. You will surely lavish the taste of chocolate in this dessert as you soak your teeth on the chocolate waffle and vanilla ice cream sprinkled with bits of chocolate chips. But what really caught my attention was that when it was served to us, it was designed with pink Plumeria on the side to add color. PS: The flowers are not edible.


Our half-day stay on the cafe is not enough to actually say we had enough. We wished we had more time, but sadly, not all good things lasts. We had a great time. The food was all terribly good. And the place was a piece of real haven. Cafe At The Ranch is truly the place for your next weekend getaway.


Photos: Villajuan Studio

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