Brick Burger: Lego-inspired Restaurant, Awesome Food

brick burger

Just when you thought burger buns can be just circular or colorful, this newest burger craze in the Metro gives our favorite snack a new look. Brick Burger, the first ever Lego-inspired restaurant in the world, will not just satisfy your cravings but also capture your hearts because of the unique dining experience they offer.

And how did we say so? Here are reasons you need to check out this food hub:

Awesome Burgers

Who would have thought that brick burgers are possible?! Yes, you read it right. Unlike the usual burgers we can buy from food hubs, Brick Burger serves Lego-shaped burger buns and patties. So get your camera and smartphones ready because their burger and the rest of the food their serving are Instagram-worthy!

The taste

But, it does not only look good. It also taste good from the buns to patties. The Lego-shaped buns are really sandwich will satisfy your hunger. And the square burger patty? I can say it tastes like a ‘legit’ burger. If you’re wondering definition of legit burger is that it does not taste like simple homemade patties but rather Brick Burger’s patties are made of 100% ground beef cooked with their own recipe.

Another interesting thing you’ll love about their burgers is the unique taste of each “jaw-dropping variants”

Among the burgers they served FoodFindsAsia team were:

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, darth-vader
One of their best-sellers: Dark Burger
(Caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, garlic & BBQ sauce)

If you’re looking for something new…

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, nacho-tuesday-burger
(Burger with lettuce, tomato, chillicon, nacho chips & cheese sauce)

Sumptuous Menu

Aside from burgers, they also boast a delicious menu ranging from pasta, chicken wings and side dishes. When we asked Brick Burger’s owner on why you should try their menu, he immediately said “di tipid sa ingredient at pinag-isipan talaga.”

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display

Aside from having a hands-on owner, Brick Burger has three culinary experts who’s in charge of the kitchen 1 his wife who’s a culinary graduate, a chef who has previously worked in 5-star hotels and Chef Myra from ABS-CBN’s Master Chef.

FoodFindsAsia team was able to taste two of their best sellers: Mac n Cheese and Buffalo Wings.

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, mac-n-cheese
Mac and Cheese
(How cheesy! No wonder why kids love this!)
brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, nachos, fries, appetizer
Nacho and Fries

If you’re the type of person who has a low tolerance for spicy food, don’t worry. Brick Burger’s Buffalo Wings is not just all about the spicy taste but it has a delectable sauce as well.

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, buffalo-wings, chicken-wings
Buffalo Wings

Reasonable Price

If you’re wondering about the price, Brick Burger’s menu has reasonable prices. Each dish comes in big servings than can be shared among 2-4 persons. You can take a bite of their awesome burgers for as low as Php 160.00.

For our next visit, we’re planning to try Correa’s Wings. Why are we curious to try it? Owner shared with us that it’s their family’s own sweet and sour recipe.

Creative Interiors

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display

Kids and kids at heart will surely be fascinated when they enter Brick Burgers. The Lego-inspired restaurant does not only have Lego-shaped burgers but its interior also have large pieces of LEGO® — from chairs, tables to walls.

What’s more interesting is there are LEGO® displays that portrays trending events and issues!

TRIVIA: Unlike other interior design concepts that begins with sketch or 3D images, Brick Burger was based from an actual LEGO® display, which the owner designed himself.

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display
Here’s the actual Lego design

Brick Burger is a proof that nothing is impossible. Despite the challenges of starting a business from scratch, the team had made their first business successful. If you have the guts, you can turn your passion to victory.

Watch out for their new branches in the Metro this 2017 (hopefully with play area) as well as new dishes on their menu!

Here’s a copy of their menu so you can choose already your order before going there:

brick-bruger, lego-inspired-restaurant, lego-shaped-burger, lego-display, brick-burger-menu
Keep posted from their one-of-a-kind menu to be out this 2017!


If you’re commuting, you may take two options:

Option 1: From Robinson’s Ortigas, ride a bus going to Taytay/Cainta and drop off at Rosario. The ride a tricycle going to Hamptons Garden.

Option 2: From Shaw, ride a jeep going to Pasig Palengke. Then ride another jeep going to Taytay/Cainta and drop off at Hamptons Garden.

Visit Brick Burger at Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo, Pasig City