Braska: A delectable mix of past and present


Manila, Philippines – Before its name was changed, Jorge Bocobo St. was known as Nebraska St. The street much like most streets in the charming district of Malate before the 2nd World War ravaged Manila, was line with splendid turn-of-the-country homes and early American colonial abodes surrounded by expansive lawns and gardens. Stately acacia and narra trees stood in rows along the pavement. On Sunday mornings, families drove in automobiles, or walked in their best  garments to hear mass at the magnificent Malate Church. Back then, life was leisurely and pleasurable.

Derived from the old street Nebraska, BRASKA restaurant is a paean of sorts to the lost charm and elegance of Manila’s famed district. Located along Jorge Bacobo St., BRASKA Restaurant aims to bring back the warmth and cordiality of the old Malate through the comforting flavors of familiar favorites in an ambiance that has a relaxing, loungey vibe.

“We felt that there was something missing in the market, not necessarily in terms of Filipino food, but more options that expressed the spirit of Malate as it was,” says BRASKA restaurant brand director Mark Abellon. Although  a number of restaurants continue to serve loyal customers, Mark feels that a large market of those who live and work in Malate long for flavors of the Filipino comfort food.

He adds, “Comfort food is food that is familiar. It satisfies not just a longing for flavors people grew up with, but also the desire for the comfort and warmth of family, of home, and of friendships. And that’s what we hope to encourage in our customers – a feeling of ease, well-being and happiness. That was the appeal of Malate before”.

BRASKA restaurant’s menu is list of popular treats that will take one on a nostalgic trip to the familiar flavors and aromas of home, a favorite café  or restaurant, or the kitchen of a well-loved grandmother or aunt.

The menu includes classic dishes such as Roast Chicken, Baby Back Ribs and Paella. Those with a truly hearty appetite and a hankering for traditional Filipino food will get their cravings satisfies with generous servings of Pinakbet, Laing, Caldereta and Crispy Pata.


Paella 2

Pasta lovers can choose from an array of sauces such as Pesto, Creamy Pesto, Wild Mushroom, Carbonara, Bolognese and Bangus Sardines, Sandwich choices, served with Camote Fries, include the classic Clubhouse, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Salad and Tuna. Rice Bowl choices include such popular toppings as Tinapa, Chicken & Pork Adobo, Lechon Kawali, and Chinese Sausage.

Another one of BRASKA‘s unique offerings is the Bangus Sardine Pasta: house-made milk fish sardines prepared in aglio olio (garlic olive oil) and scooped over pasta. The delicate flavor of bangus and the aromatic sauce makes this a heartwarming treat.

Indeed, BRASKA restaurant’s menu communicates an initiative to create a balance between the old and the new. With a few and subtle innovations on traditional and popular Filipino food, BRASKA is able to come up with dishes that have a nostalgic flavor yet still presents a spirit of freshness and novelty.

BRASKA Restaurant is located at 1669 Bocobo St., Malate Manila.