Best WordPress Plugins for Showing Interactive Instagram Feeds

Instagram Feeds

Need to see interactive Instagram Feeds? Instagram is supposed to be one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms worldwide. It is an amazing platform for sharing photos and videos. Due to the ever-expanding demand, the integration of Instagram to your WordPress site could hugely boost the value and would be driving more traffic.  If you are thinking about engaging with website users, you must consider trying WordPress Plugins for sharing your Instagram feed.

It is pretty amazing to even think that Instagram, the most popular social networking site was introduced just a few years ago. Today, there are over 800 million monthly active users on this platform. The service seems to be simple yet quite addictive. The Instagram app is known to allow everyone to click pictures or videos, enhance the pictures using a filter, and then upload them on the Instagram social media platform.

You could share your profile page easily with others. Moreover, you are allowed to connect to the platform’s API and demonstrate all your uploaded pictures on your website. This certainly is a wonderful way of sharing your pictures. It is also known to encourage and motivate other Instagram users who would start following you.

Here, we would be exploring some amazing WordPress plugins that help you in sharing your Instagram pictures and profile with all your website readers. You must keep in mind that in order to consider connecting to Instagram by using specifically these plugins, you must login precisely with your account.

Simply Instagram

Simply Instagram actually is supposed to be a totally free WordPress plugin which would help you in integrating pictures from precisely your Instagram account effectively into your design utilizing a widget. Alternatively, you could integrate Instagram pictures effectively into the content utilizing a shortcode. Simply Instagram has an option for displaying videos and pictures using the PrettyPhoto as an alternative to the Lightbox. This plugin also helps you in displaying a particular follow link on your Instagram account. You could further display detailed statistics on your image uploads and followers. Visitors could also, view all your pictures using a slideshow. We are aware that Simply Instagram is truly a versatile and popular plugin that allows you to effectively share your photos in multiple ways.  Browse for perfect solutions and professional advice.

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro

If you are thinking of getting a widget that has numerous additional features, you could simply opt for Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro, the premium plugin that is not that expensive but offers a host of amazing features and effective functionalities. It allows you to display a specific photo and effectively adjusts its column count and size. The real attraction is the caching mechanism which is used inside and is capable of processing the pictures at lightning speed and providing a top class performance. Additionally, it would be offering a really tiny MCE shortcode for displaying the feed within a widget, on a page, or post or also on personalized post types. In a nutshell, this plugin would be covering all the features associated with Instagram for WordPress.

This effective plugin completely supports Lightbox that could be switched ON & OFF according to the individualized requirements. It would be supporting Retina Display fueled iPad and iPhone and also the other Windows Phone or Android-powered devices. The package would be including excellent documentation. It is constantly updated for staying with the cutting-edge WordPress version. The plugin called the Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro would be giving you tremendous control over the way your Instagram pictures are displayed.

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram WordPress Plugin

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is supposed to be a stylish but truly sophisticated and chic Instagram feed WordPress plugin that comes to you free of cost. The exceptional download figures available in their plugin repository could prove to be really promising and profitable for all new users. It is actually a fundamental plugin for showing Instagram feeds on your WordPress Website.

Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget is known to make your image look much better on all mobile devices. It is an extremely responsive plugin which would be demonstrating a maximum of 20 images in one slideshow. The plugin would be letting you adjust break timings between each picture. The most fascinating feature is that it would be automatically storing thumbnail images. Therefore, the images are almost instantaneously loaded right after the initial display. It is really very easy and not at all cumbersome for installing this plugin. You simply need to insert your Instagram credentials basically on the options present in the widget. Then consider customizing the settings for managing how frequently you are required to upload pictures from Instagram.

Instagram Slider Widget would be bringing together two most popular designs present in the world of Instagram feed.

The first one actually is supposed to be the design of the Instagram widget slider that would be shrinking the pictures for the sidebar. However, they could be displayed on all pages. Moreover, the slider would be scrolling through all Instagram photos for the user to see a host of photos while they are actually browsing your website. Now the second option would be actually the ‘frontend widget thumbnail’ that is fundamentally a gallery, but relatively much smaller because the images are all thumbnails. In this context, you must know that the slider would be revealing 12 recent posts that are present on your Instagram account.

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

This plugin would be allowing you to effectively import, as well as, backup your pictures from Instagram to your WordPress website. This would be including robust choices for allowing you to efficiently control all the imported posts and their formatting including custom post-types, built-in support meant for WordPress, post-formats, & custom taxonomies. You are able to effectively control both the content of any imported post and its title using tags such as **insta-image**, **insta-text**, and many others, or may even use the brand new conditional tags.


In reality, there does not seem to be too much difference between all these above-mentioned Instagram plugins from the output perspective. The actual difference is in the customization choices that they provide and if extra features like profile widgets and also, robust support for the hashtags are actually included. You are advised to check out the discussed plugins if you are thinking of an effective way to share highly-interactive Instagram feeds on your WordPress website.