Best Tofu Press – Vegan & Vegetarian Buying Guide Review

Best Tofu Press | Best Tofu Press – Vegan & Vegetarian Buying Guide Review | Rich in plant-based protein and low in calories, tofu is the mainstay of many vegan diets. Most vegan recipes involving tofu blend it into a variety of mousses and smoothies. That’s why many tofu variations out there contain some degree of moisture.

But what if your vegan recipe calls for a dry piece of tofu, one that maintains its shape?

There’s no shortage of ways to get the moisture out of tofu. Using a tofu press, however, makes for the most convenient. Our guide will help you discover what tofu press is and find the best one for your needs.

How Exactly Does a Tofu Press Work?

Getting your tofu into that nice block shape while getting the excess moisture out is tedious. Despite your best efforts, you may still end up with moisture in your tofu. There’s no need to worry about it, though. You can squeeze the moisture out with the help of a specialized tool – a tofu press.

Tofu press is a straightforward tool that can press the moisture out of tofu and ensure that wonderful dry texture. Being simple to use, it gives you maximum control over the amount of water you want left in your tofu. It works well for those who love a good tofu stir fry or want crispy tofu.

Key Benefits of Having a Tofu Press in Your Kitchen

Tofu with watery texture is often the worst offender when cooking with bland and mushy foods. If you’re looking for ways to make your next tofu dish pop with flavor, a tofu press is a must-have. In fact, getting rid of the excess moisture in tofu is not all that a tofu press can aid in.

With the help of a tofu press, you can also:

  • Improve texture and taste With all the water out of tofu, you can enjoy a much firmer texture. It’s a lot more pleasant to chew than a block of flavorless bean mash.
  • Make flavors absorb better Let’s face it. Tofu in itself can be somewhat drab in the flavor department. With no moisture inside, though, tofu can absorb a variety of delicious marinades, sauces, spices, and dressings that you add.
  • Save time when cooking Pressing tofu the old way takes up a lot of time. Why press a wrapped chunk of bean mash with a cast iron pan or an old textbook? With a tofu press, you simplify the pressing process and waste less time getting the best tofu ever.
  • Make cleaning afterwards easy No more dirty dishcloths and liquid mess everywhere. Tofu presses are designed to have ease of cleanup in mind. Some models come with a special cleanup container. It captures all the water as you press your tofu in a bowl with ease.
  • Save up some money For many vegans and vegetarians, buying tofu seems like a nice option at first. But what if you can’t find a reliable local source to get tofu from? And even if you do, if you happen to love tofu, buying a bunch of tofu blocks can be costly. A tofu press cuts out the middleman, letting you make as much tofu as your heart desires, spending less money.

Main Styles of Tofu Press You Can Choose From

No two tofu presses are alike, even though they all seem to be exactly the same. While there are many models to choose from, they typically revolve around two styles of tofu press: box and plate. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Box-Style Tofu Presses 

A box-style tofu press is a container made of either BPA-free plastic or metal. It comes with either a spring-loaded plate or a heavy plate that is used to press down on tofu. This produces a nice dry tofu block.

You get even square blocks of tofu without worrying much about any cracks or imperfections. This style is easy to use and will take up little to no counter space. Box tofu presses aren’t for those looking to get artistic with their tofu shapes and sizes, though. They can also be somewhat pricey.

Plate-Style Tofu Presses

A plate-style tofu press is basically two flat slabs made of metal or plastic. It has screws that help you press tofu slowly into almost any shape or size that you want. These presses use two to four adjustable screws that you tighten or loosen into place. You can control your portion sizes, make different tofu shapes, and it’s perfect for those who want to save space. They are also affordable.

These tofu presses, however, come with a slight drawback. They often require a lot of patience, a bowl, and a good pressing technique to achieve the desired tofu texture. This means your results may vary from one press to another. This type of press also tends to be harder to find since most tofu presses are box-style models. 

Brands You Can Get a Tofu Press From

Below are just a few brands you get a tofu press from:

  • Raw Rutes.
  • TofuXpress.
  • TofuPresser.

How Long Does It Take to Press Tofu? 

Pressing tofu can take anywhere between one hour and four hours. It can even take more than four hours. The answer depends on the tofu press and your technique. You don’t want to take less than an hour, though, as this may not be enough time to press all the water out of the tofu. If your cooking time is limited, a tofu press will take only an hour to remove most of the excess moisture.

Can You Use Tofu Press for Any Type of Tofu?

You can press most types of tofu, except for silken tofu and soft tofu. This is so because silken tofu and soft tofu will turn to mush if you press them too much. The tofu varieties you should always press before using are the firm and the extra-firm tofu, since these often have the highest moisture content.