Benefits of Bio-Fertilizers on the Productivity of Crops

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For a better yield, crop quality, pest-free crops, and even for a beautiful garden, both soil and fertilizers play an important role. Adding or spraying fertilizers enrich the soil, promote plant growth, and protect the crops from pest and other disease-causing pathogens. There are different varieties of fertilizers and are classified mainly based on their components. Organic, inorganic, chemical and biofertilizers are some of the fertilizers used by farmers.

Over the years, biofertilizers have been widely used, as they have helped farmers to increase crop production. These fertilizers are referred to as eco-friendly as they are natural, biodegradable, improve the soil nutrients, enhance the crop productivity and are more cost-effective than chemical fertilizers. 

Benefits of Bio-Fertilizers on the Productivity of Crops

  • Biofertilizers function as the primary macronutrients, which are required for plants throughout their growth or life cycle.
  • These fertilizers mainly include plant remains, organic matter and some special class of micro-organisms, which serve as a good source of nutrients required for the benefit of plants.
  • They are also involved in protecting plants by secreting antibiotics, which are effective against many plant pathogens.
  • Biofertilizers help by producing plant hormones like auxins, cytokines, biotins and other biomolecules which are essential for plant growth.
  • There are wide varieties of crops, and each of them needs a different range of nutrients for their growth and development. Some of the primary nutrients are obtained from the soil, and other essential nutrients can be delivered through the biofertilizers.

All living things, including plants, require certain essential nutrients for their growth and development. Plants take up essential elements from the soil through their roots. Therefore, through the use of bio-fertilizers, we can enrich soil fertility, fulfill plant nutrient requirements and also ensure healthy yields from plants.

These were a few benefits of bio-fertilizers on the productivity of crops. For more detailed information on fertilizers and different types of Bio-Fertilizers, students can visit our BYJU’S website and also learn by watching interactive video lessons on various Biology related topics by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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