Benefits accrued from using a commercial water purifier for your organization

commercial water purifier | Benefits accrued from using a commercial water purifier for your organization | Part of your strategy in running a successful business evolves on how you take care of your employees. If the employees are happy and content, then half the job is done as they are your prized possessions. The studies point to the fact that employees feel good when they are at a better physical and mental space. A lot of numbers would indicate that the performance of an employee has a direct relation to the productivity of an entire organization. An interesting fact is that an employee operates at 65% of their potential if they are not hydrated properly. To provide safe and pure drinking water at your workplace premises is a major need.  A commercial water purifier ensures a safe and cost effective module where your employees drink pure water leading to positive impact on their health.

Your business could be well on its way to wellness path by installing various health initiatives like flu shots, gym membership etc. but do not forget installation of a commercial water purifier for the needs of your company. Now the question is why? How can drinking purified water benefit your employee in any way?

Sick days reduce

Nearly 40 %of sickness relates to water borne issues. The moment an employee takes off from work productivity suffers. At the same time employees are bound to feel stressed when they return back to work as there is a pile of files at their table. The key is to prevent illness that prevents them from taking leave in the first place. Installation of a commercial water purifier removes the harmful particles present in water so that your employees are working and remain healthy.

Enhances productivity

As per studies dehydration could force employees in order to be falling into an afternoon slump. If less than 5% loss of water loss can supress the blood flow to the brain and that would go on to reduce the reaction time and have an impact on concentration and productivity. This problem could be kept at bay once you go on to install a commercial water purifier at your office premises. This would mean that a safe and pure form of drinking water is available to your company all around. Access to safe and pure drinking water would keep the minds of employees on their work and their bodies are prepared to be dealing with each and every task coming in their way.

Saves money

Another major benefit of installing a commercial water purifier is that you do not want to be spending expensive water bottles. This removes administrative hassles and manpower lost. Perhaps the most important point is it saves on the cost of bottled water. In fact water from a purifier is a lot safer than mineral water that could even be from dubious sources. This is also hazardous for the environment as it goes on to develops a major chunk of plastic waste.

The choice of the best commercial water purifier for your organization

The moment you decide to purchase a water purification system for your commercial premises, you are likely to be flooded with a host of options. The reason is that there are plenty of water purification systems available in the market. It would be really difficult to choose a water purification system that goes on to cater to your specific needs.

An apt choice would be to avail the services of a professional. They can provide you with valuable inputs on the best type of water purification system for the needs of your home.

Figure out the quality of water

In order to figure out which water purifier suits the need of your office premises, it is necessary to understand the quality and source of water. For example groundwater that has a high TDS that is around 500 ppm goes on to have adverse impact on water and could lead to serious gas related problems. If such a situation occurs, choice of commercial water purifier would be beneficial.

The surface water that makes its way on to our homes, from the municipal corporations has comparatively low TDS levels. Ideally it is less than 500PPM. In such a scenario you need to protect yourself from the harmful microbial impurities in the form of virus and bacteria. To face up to such situations installation of a water purifier with UV technology would be beneficial. This is a natural, time tested module and chemical free method of purification of water with low TDS. The bacteria or virus cannot withstand the treatment type when it is exposed to the correct type of UV dosage.

Creditability of the brand

In the search of a water purifier for your organization brand creditability is an important draw. This would enable you to choose the best water purifier for your commercial premises.


The certification that is provided by a commercial water purifier company in India is important as it is a token of reliability. This has gone on to comply with all the standard practices in the popular labs

Service back up

It would be essential to figure out that a water purification system needs regular servicing and even replace or repairing the consumer durable components. Once again service would depend upon the quality of water meaning that the poor quality of water means that you need to do more servicing. It would be better to check out the service aspects of the company in your area. This would be before you are planning to purchase a commercial water purifier for your company.


For a business upkeep and safety of their employees should be on top of the agenda. But sadly in the world of cut throat competition an organization tends to ignore such facets and take things for granted. It is only during the phase when employees feel sick and the productivity levels scoop down, and then only they wake up from their slumber. The best way to combat this would be to install a commercial water purifier at your premises.

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