Beginners Guide to Passing Restaurant Health Inspection

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Mary Rae Floresca | FoodFindsAsia

Just opened a restaurant? Before doing marketing strategies to get customers, make sure your facility is ready, especially the kitchen. Here’s the checklist to pass the local government’s health inspection.

  1. Hand Washing

This is by far the most crucial step before and after doing duties in a restaurant. Make sure your employees wash their hands before preparing the food and serving it to the customers. Germs are on the doorknobs, knife handles and etc., so before serving food to clients, don’t forget this important food safety reminder.

  1. Wear gloves, hairnet and masks

These are the basics when wearing the restaurant’s uniform. Require and it’s a must for all food handlers to wear those. Never run out of gloves, hairnet and masks, equip your employees correctly. Customers will highly appreciate if they see their food being served without hair strands on the food.

  1. Clean storage area

Another guide to passing restaurant health inspection is to maintain cleanliness on all areas of your restaurant at all times. Are the tables and chairs clean? If yes, don’t forget to check the food counter displays, and the storage area. Food presentation is not just the best and well-though garnish on the dish, but also the speckles food display

  1. Insect-free

Conduct a weekly “pest control” procedure in your restaurant. Pest Control services are already everywhere. Schedule it accordingly, your facility needs a dose of chemicals to kill unwanted pests and to prevent them to breed. You surely don’t want that.

  1. Clean kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink should not only be clean, but also stink-free. Foul smell may come from the drainage.  Before washing the dishes, pans and etc., scrape the excess food straight to the garbage. Don’t let the drain take care of it. Your kitchen helpers should be equipped to fix a clogged drainage. But if all else fails, don’t fret, hire a professional plumber. Roto Rooter Philippines has maintenance products to unclog your kitchen drain and to drain faster. Their products are designed to remove the usual buildup of soap scum, grease and hair.

As the owner, be strict but play a team leader to your employees. Be the first example in the implementation of your rules. This is more effective when your rules and reminders are posted at their work area. Rules should be clear in text and straightforward. Paste it on areas where it is highly needed or places that they will always see and read so they are constantly reminded.

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