Mama Sita’s Araw-Ihaw Caravan Brings BBQ Lovers Together

Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan

Mama Sita’s Araw-Ihaw Caravan recently gathered pork lovers at the Blue Baywalk, Pasay City, satiating their summer cravings through Filipino-favorite pork barbecue prepared with Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade—“One Bote, One Buhos, One Babad.”

Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan
Grilling of pork barbeques prepared based on an heirloom family recipe Mama Sita’s BArbeque Marinade, whose unique blend has been loved by Filipinos for generations

The caravan brought long lines of foodies, all seeking to buy and savor scrumptious barbecue. Higantes, vibrant performances, and exciting games and activities were also prepared for the guests to enjoy.

Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan
Pork lovers lining up for the Araw-Ihaw Caravan, all aiming to satiate their summer cravings through Filipino-favorite, pork barbecue
Mama Sita's Araw-Ihaw Caravan
Standing tall at the Blue Baywalk, Pasay City are the Mama Sita’s Higantes, representing Mama Sita’s lengendary barbeque recipe, which has defined Manil-style barbeque for generations

Mama Sita’s family is known for their legendary barbecue recipe, which has defined Manila-style barbecue for generations: savory and sweet, char-grilled to perfection. Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade makes “Araw-Ihaw” parties perfect any day of the week through simple steps: “One Bote, One Buhos, One Babad.” Simply use Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade to achieve the Manila-style barbecue you crave! A hotter version of the signature sweet-savory marinade is Mama Sita’s Fiery Labuyo Barbecue Marinade, made with a real kick of heat from labuyo pepper or bird’s eye chili.

Araw-Ihaw Caravan continues to grill barbecue in its 2nd leg on May 12 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.


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