Bathroom Ideas: 3 Things You Can Do And How To Organize It

Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas: 3 Things You Can Do And How To Organize It | The bathroom is not just a place for its intended use. It has now been transformed into contemplation, meditation, and, surprisingly, creativity. This is not avant-garde. After all, the bathroom is the first and the last place we visit before and after waking up. Having a comfortable and beautiful bathroom is pride in every home. Having a stunning shower curtain or over the toilet storage are good bonuses. Your guests will use your bathroom and will remember the impression they got. So, redesigning the bathroom walls will impress the guests and gives you a good vibe. You can also use your bathroom in the following way:

  • Music / Recording Room

A bathroom has excellent acoustics. There is also less noise and more reverb. When you want to sing, it is easy to listen to your voice. You can also record podcasts or compositions in the bathroom when the whole family is noisy outside. 

  • A Place To Edit or Finish A Project

If you want to shut the world for a moment to finish something, the bathroom is the right place for that. The quiet space gives you time to summon your creativity. People are not going to budge into your area when you are inside the bathroom. 

  • Meditation

Our bathroom is an excellent place for reflection, away from the noise of the world. That is why people invest in scented candles and potpourri to add a fabulous ambiance to the environment. 

Adding Storage to Your Bathroom

For professionals who have just moved into a new home, adding storage boxes can be a practical thing to do. As mentioned above, your increased bathroom time needs to have facilities to accommodate your activities. These storage spaces can be where you put medical supplies, meditation aids, or even your scented candles. There are specific places where you can add this bathroom storage.

  • Over the toilet storage – If your bathroom is not significant, toilet storage is a good idea. This is a part where you can out your bag, perfume, cologne, or anything that’s within reach. This is also a space where you can put little plants to add freshness to the environment.
  • Storage near your bathtub – Do you spend time in your bathtub to relax after a long exhausting day? If that’s the case, then it is a good idea to put storage beside it. This is where you can put your scented candles and other things so that they are within reach. Soaking in a warm tub is a luxurious way to treat yourself. It is also a helpful way to relax the mind and ease the body.

Bathroom Storage Materials You Can Use Anytime 

  • Bamboo is now becoming popular as a storage material. It gives an oriental ambiance, and it is also decorative and welcoming. Bamboo is also durable, and it can last for a long time, as long as it is protected from insect attacks. Bamboo storage is not expensive, and they are also biodegradable. So, having bamboo materials in your bathroom environment not only helps your well-being but also supports our planet. 
  • Plastic is cheap and durable. Plastic is also easy to install and is not vulnerable to insect attacks. As long as you use the right plastic material, This material will transform your bathroom into a relaxing place. Plastic is also light, so if you plan to have the storage moved one day, it isn’t hard to do. Unfortunately, a poorly chosen plastic storage can look tacky. 
  • Metal is durable and is also vital. You can store valuables in metal storage with a lock, and they will be safe. They are not prone to fire or insect attacks. Metals are as classy as bamboo or wood storage. Unfortunately, they are heavy, and they can rust over time when not appropriately painted. 
  • Wooden storage – Wooden is the most popular storage material. This goes back to centuries. Wooden storage spaces are also easy to clean and customize. They can also last for years if they are adequately maintained. Wooden storage is affordable and looks elegant compared to plastic. 

Parting Thoughts

Your bathroom (and its appearance) is one of the most critical parts of the house. This is where you spend your time after waking up. Your guests will use this place when you have them. That is why keeping your bathroom clean and organized is essential. Having a messy and disorganized bathroom will reflect on you and your family. Having storage will prevent this issue. 

Storage can help you hide the clutter in times of emergency where people will be using your bathroom. This is unavoidable in situations like holidays. Storage can also add practicality and functionality to your bathroom. They help you avoid exposing unsightly things, and they help you keep your bathroom clean. There are times when having extra storage for medicine in the bathroom is a good thing. Having storage and amenities are what make life easy.