Baguio City: The City of Christmas

Baguio City - Food Finds Asia

Baguio City, also known as the City of Pines due to its thick pine forests and cold climate, has always spoken to people as a city filled with nature’s Christmas trees. Also called the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it serves as a famous getaway for Filipinos to escape the hot and humid cities down South. Highly nostalgic is taking in the refreshing smell of pine trees that line the mountain landscapes as one rolls down the car windows upon zigzagging your way into Baguio.

Complementary to Baguio’s scenic views are the abundance of delightful cafés, unique pieces of art, quiet nature parks, and countless hidden attractions, making Baguio the charming city that it is.

One such lovely find is Café by the Ruins, whose uniqueness is brought about by the charm and history it possesses, setting it aside from all the other restaurants in the city. Aptly named as it sits on what’s left of a garden theater destroyed in World War II, it is run by Feliz, the café’s owner, giving service a warmer, more personal touch.

Café by the Ruins is known for serving dishes that are homemade, locally grown and seasonal, right from the Baguio Public Market where they have the freshest vegetables and fruits, organic rice, native coffee, newly caught seafood from the nearby lowlands, and meat produce from the highlands.

If you’re looking for items for the holidays, Greg Sabado’s Woodworks is one of those places you can visit after a good al fresco lunch. Residents know Greg Sabado’s as having one of the best collections of quality furniture and souvenir wooden crafts–items handpicked by the owner himself. From bowls and plates to magazine holders and stools, whether it be for Christmas or your year-round decorating, this is the must-visit shop everyone should see!

Of the countless activities one can engage in in Baguio, a nature activity is always necessary to complete your Baguio trip–this is where the Baguio City Orchidarium comes in. Home to various plants from tropical orchids to vibrant roses and gumamelas, the fragrance upon entering the Orchidarium is sure to add a spring in your step.

If you can’t quite get enough of Baguio, a trip to the Public Market can give you a good bargain on freshly-picked strawberries and vegetables, too. After all, you must be tired from all your sight-seeing, you’d probably crave for a fresh, home-cooked meal. The hustle and bustle early in the morning will sure make you feel like an overwhelmed, excited kid on Christmas morning!

With so much to do in Baguio, several days sometimes isn’t enough to truly grasp just how beautiful the summer capital is. From the intoxicating scent of fresh pine to the welcoming community, here’s a toast to all the well-loved parts of Baguio, and to all the little secrets the City of Pines still has in store for all of us–just waiting to be discovered.

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