The Art and Science of Event Investment

 by Event Marketer |

The event industry is more focused on measurement than ever. And the quest to prove the all-mighty return on the investment requires three things: One, a strategic embrace of metrics as just that—a strategy. Two, a tactical focus on collecting, monitoring and activating information. And three, a philosophical commitment to get better. To get stronger. To be awesome.

Make no mistake: Behind every measurement plan is a measurement partner—the  data junkies, the lab- coated heroes, the techno-metrics gurus. Find the right measurement partner and you’re one step closer to the right measurement strategy, the stronger metrics execution and the to-the-penny event payout calculation. We grabbed a four-pack of the industry’s leading measurement partners for some quick chats about them, you, what’s now and what’s next. Let’s do this.


The Panel:

George Tan, Managing Partner, Brandscopic
Dr. E. Craig Stacey, Analytics Advisor, Brandscopic

Jennifer Hawkins, Director of Marketing, DoubleDutch

Michael Gilvar, CEO, Fish Technologies

Chris Clegg, Senior  Research Manager/Owner, Portma



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Bonus Video: Event ROI Methodology