Are Protein Bars Good or Bad for You?

Are Protein Bars Good or Bad for You
Image Credit: | Are Protein Bars Good or Bad for You? | A protein bar is quite the yummy pack that you would easily carry around for a burst of energy whenever needed. There have been questions over a long time about the value of a protein bar on different bodies. We will attempt to cut to the chase, is a protein bar good or bad for you?

Is A Protein Bar For Everyone?

Researchers claim that protein intake will keep your bones healthy, preventing density loss and keeping you younger. A protein bar is useful for a woman, especially one who engages in high physical activity or misses a meal in the day, for whatever reason. In that case, the protein bar would act as a good supplement for energy and protein intake, which should help in building or body repair. In this fast-moving world where meals are mostly overseen, a protein bar is an encouraged supplementary.

How Much Of A Protein Bar Makes A Good Bar?

Dietitians have also come in to explain the right quantities of intake, saying that between 10-20 grams of intake would cover the total required protein and energy. Such would mean that just one bar would be enough, yet in our midst, we see people take a bar after another. This would be detrimental to your overall health and fitness, especially if you are not highly physically engaged.

A Bar For Nutritional Value

In light of the need for a more nutritious protein bar, companies have come up with healthier bars whose primary ingredient would consist of fruit, vegetable, or nuts. One such bar is the IQ bars. IQ bars have 6 special nutrients that nourish the brain. Most people get this protein bar as it improves their mental health. There are also protein bars rich in fiber. It is argued that such fibers would serve as proper fuels for the body rather than sugars. The fibers would also be more helpful in the maintenance of appropriate body weight and shape. In this light, people are encouraged to be critical with the ingredients that make up their preferred protein bar.

Question Of The Sugar Ingredient Domineering A Protein Bar

As much as a bar is beneficial, most of the bars you’ll find on the shelves are coated with sugar. This sugar would be broken down by the body very fast, leaving you in an empty stomach just as fast and leading you to yet another protein bar. Too much sugar is not suitable for anyone. You don’t need to be diabetic to know this. So, as much as a bar would have some nutritional value as say, the sugar intake remains a question of concern.

A Bar Just For You

Are you one of the people who simply love a protein bar for a tongue teaser. You might be at crossroads, wondering what is right for you. Well, consider having a protein bar as an appetizer or dessert. It should blend in with your nutritional needs and maintain your fit statue. You are also encouraged to take a bar with high nutritious value: one with proper oils and fibers- almonds, pumpkin seeds, or oats. A bar with around seven grams of fiber would aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients and even go ahead to improve your immune system. There is always a bar just for you.

As to whether a protein bar is good or bad, well, the protein bar revolution is evident, there is no bad bar really, you just need to pick out the bar that best suits your needs.      


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