Announcing the Grand Opening of Fu Er Dai (富二代), a Restaurant by an Entrepreneurial Trio of Singaporean Youths

fuerdai | This Fu Er Dai (富二代) is on a mission to bring his relatives’ mouthwatering Niang Dou Fu recipe to even more people in Singapore, and it all started on 25 August, with the grand opening of his flagship Fu Er Dai (富二代 u) store in Serangoon. Fu Er Dai is a refreshing F&B concept restaurant that will serve up a variety of delicious dishes both traditional and trendy, including abalone cheese meehoon, braised pig trotters with rice, deep-fried pork belly, family-sized seafood pot and the family’s mouthwatering niang dou fu dish served in the bite-sized Thai boat noodle style that is popular among the younger crowd as well as in family-sized servings and a special chili soup base. Tech-savvy customers can pull up the full menu online with a simple scanning of the QR codes at the table, making the visit welcoming for the younger crowd from the get-go. Please refer to Annex B for the full menu.

The enterprising young pair behind Fu Er Dai is Nicholas Lim and Chanel Pang, the ambitious nephew and daughter of the founders of the popular Singaporean Niang Dou Fu chain of stores, Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu. Brought up by a hardworking family who toiled hard to perfect their craft, Nicholas and Chanel are determined to preserve their family’s legacy and ensure that their niang dou fu recipe is passed down for generations to come while making the beloved dish interesting to the younger crowd.

Says Nicholas Lim, Co-Founder of Fu Er Dai and Chairman of the Directors’ Board, “As the second generation of our family’s Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu legacy, we are excited to bring this beloved dish to more people in Singapore, especially the younger crowd who may not be acquainted with a more traditional dish like niang dou fu. This dish is available in several options at the restaurant: served up in the trendy and attractive Thai boat noodle style, in a family-sized pot, Hakka style, or with a special chili based soup. For our customers who prefer finger foods, there are also deep-fried crowd favourites like pork belly, chicken wings, and luncheon meat fries, among others.”

The duo also hope that Fu Er Dai will be a welcoming space for youths and young people to gather for a good time among friends and family. The restaurant interior will be a hit with youths and young adults who appreciate beautifully designed backgrounds as much as they do the food, for the full experience. With stand-out washrooms done up in black-and-gold, a bright and airy plant and an eye-catching full-wall mural, Fu Er Dai will be worth the visit for both the food and the photo opportunity.

Something is cooking on the 25th of Aug.Fu Er Dai 富二代 is opening its first branch in Serangoon Gardens!Be the first to try our mouth-watering signature dishes such as Abalone Cheese Mee Hoon 鮑魚吃死米粉 and Fried Pork 剪豬 along with other specialties highly recommended by our Chef.We can’t wait to feed you from 7.00am to 3.00am daily.(10.00am to 11.30pm from 25 to 28 Aug) See you then!

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Additionally, Nicholas hopes that Fu Er Dai will be a shining example of entrepreneurial success among youths in Singapore. He explains further, “We’ve geared Fu Er Dai’s hiring policies to focus on youths and young adults, as we hope to provide employment opportunities to those who wish to try their hand at the F&B business. As youths ourselves, we know that sometimes, all it takes for that first step towards success is for someone to believe in you. We want to be that someone, for those who dream of opening their own F&B businesses.”

Fu Er Dai will be holding an opening promotion all throughout the month of September, where special menu and discounts will be introduced. For more information on Fu Er Dai and updates on the latest promotions, please visit its Facebook page ( or Instagram (

About Fu Er Dai (富二代)

Fu Er Dai, one of Singapore’s newest restaurants, opened its doors to its flagship outlet in Serangoon in August 2019. Founded by Nicholas Lim and Chanel Pang, who are the nephew and daughter of the family behind a well-loved Singapore niang dou fu chain, Fu Er Dai is pleased to offer its visitors a mouth-watering menu comprising a mixture of traditional and modern fare.

Nicholas and Chanel have a great love for food, and they enjoy sussing out the latest and tastiest foods in Singapore and overseas. Many of the dishes on the menu are a result their favourite dishes from their travels, recreated for Fu Er Dai with the help of Chanel’s father, who is the experienced chef behind Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu.

Fu Er Dai menu