A Taste of Quality Ice Cream at Carmen’s Best


By: Jovelle Hannah Salvador | Foodfindsasia

Ice cream is considered as one of the comfort foods. Whether you are celebrating any occasion, going through a breakup, or simply rewarding yourself after a long day, ice cream will make any day better.

Ice cream won’t taste as good, if it is not made with quality ingredients and gone through meticulous process. At Carmen’s Best, they make sure that their ice cream is top quality. Even though they are supplying for many customers, they don’t sacrifice the freshness and quality of the ice cream. Unlike other ice creams that need powdered milk, Carmen’s Best use fresh milk from imported cows that are cross breeds of tropical and temperate dairy cattle. Right now, they are getting quality fresh milk from 264 cows that produce 1300 liters of milk a day. They milk the cows every 4 am and 4 pm every day because the cows prefer dim lightings. Taking care of the cows is one of the crucial things needed to produce quality milk that will be used for their ice cream. Every month, they screen their cows for diseases such as tuberculosis and Brucella.  Milk produced by a cow with the disease can harm people, who drink it, especially pregnant women. Infected milk can cause miscarriages. They don’t only care for the  quality of their products, but they also take into account the safety of their consumers.

carmen's best

They are using state of the art equipment to process the milk. The difference of how they process their milk from others is,  they boil the milk lower than it’s boiling point. This way, harmful bacteria are killed, but the good microorganisms, vitamins and minerals will not be affected. Aside from their quality milk ingredient, all the ingredients used are non-artificial.

Carmen’s Best ice cream also differs from their competitors here in the country with their ice cream flavors. Their ice cream flavors have a western taste in it, since the owner, Mr. Paco Magsaysay, lived and studied in the US. According to him, one can come up with an ice cream flavor depending on the person’s culture, preferences, and personality. Their best sellers are Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan, Malted Milk, and Brazillian Coffee. As of now, they already have 37 flavors and additional 2 limited flavors. The flavors of their ice cream are unique; they even have an ice cream with the flavor “He’s Not Worth It”, dedicated to the ladies who got their hearts broken. Their ice cream ranges from 370 pesos to 420 pesos per Pint and 98 pesos to 110 pesos for 100 ML.

Carmen's Best owner Paco Magsaysay
Carmen’s Best owner Paco Magsaysay