A Complete Guide on Why Legumes and Beans are Healthiest

A Complete Guide on Why Legumes and Beans are Healthiest

FoodfindsAsia.com | A Complete Guide on Why Legumes and Beans are Healthiest | We believe that one’s health should be the top priority, and health information also should be free. Many of us always look for a guide that can help them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why we think about creating a health guide that you all need. Since we all know, medical treatments are so expensive, and everyone does not afford to pay for regular medical checkup. No doubt it is wise to visit your doctor often so you can keep yourself from different diseases. 

Maintaining good health does not charge; one can adopt a healthy lifestyle with little care. Those who eat a balanced diet, get seven to eight hours sleep, exercise regularly, drink more water, and avoid alcohol and other addictive drugs. In this article, you’ll learn about how beans can help you in improving your health. 

Beans belong to the Fabaceae family that come from flowering plants and are classified as legumes. Several bean seeds grow in capsules or pods that develop from flowers. Other legumes include lentils, peanuts, and peas. You might not know beans contain amino acids and protein that are an essential nutrient and amino acids used to heal and make new tissues such as muscle, hair, blood, skin, and bone. 

There are many types of beans. Frozen and canned beans are typically ready to eat just after warming in the microwave or on the stove. Some of the beans include: 

  • Kidney beans 
  • Navy beans
  • Pinto beans 
  • Soybeans 
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Black  beans
  • Lima beans
  • Black-eyed peas 
  • Red beans 
  • Methods to Cook Beans 

Many of you avoid cooking beans because it takes too long and all you need is a little planning before cooking. And if you are searching for a guide on how to cook beans, read the following methods:

Soaking Beans 

Soaked beans are comparatively easy to cook. If you are going for soaking beans, rinse the bean well to shriveled them and soak the beans with one of the following methods: 

Quick Soak: quick soak is the quick and fast method. In a pot add six to seven cups of water and two cups of dry beans. Boil the beans for 4 to 5 minutes. When the beans are boiled, turn off the flame, cover and soak for at least one and half hour.

Traditional Overnight Soak: One of the easiest methods. Take a container, add two cups of beans and ten cups of old water. Cover the beans and refrigerate the container overnight. 

  • Cooking Beans 

When you cook the beans, it makes them digestible and edible. Use cooked beans in any of your favourite recipes.


Use a large pot, add beans and water and heat to boiling. 

Reduce heat, cover the beans and simmer to tender. Most beans cook forty-five to two hours depending on the variety of beans. Below are the approximate cooking times for beans: 

  • Pinto beans take 90 to 130 minutes 
  • Black beans take 70 to 100 minutes 
  • Navy beans take 90 to 120 minutes 
  • Kidney beans take 100 to 120 minutes