A Brief Guide On Watching Movies On IMDb TV For Free

Brief Guide On Watching Movies

FoodfindsAsia.com | A Brief Guide On Watching Movies On IMDb TV For Free | Sitting back and watching movies is a past-time that we all love. Before, we used to set up our home television sets together with our loved ones for a weekly movie flick. Other people go to the movies every once in a while to catch a good film or two. Today, we can watch movies on our beds, couch, or devices at any time that we like.

Streaming platforms made a surge in recent years, which made watching films a convenient past-time. You no longer have to go on a long line or even purchase and download content illegally. All you need is a subscription, Internet connection, and you are good to go. With IMDb TV, you can stream movies at any time that you desire.

This article will give you a few heads up on everything you need to know about watching movies on IMDb TV. You will see that IMDb TV gives you luxury access straight from your bed, couch, or device to a stacked library of movies. With IMDb TV, you can get the movie fix that you want without breaking your bank.

What Is IMDb TV?

You might have come across with IMDb TV if you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber. For your information, IMDb TV is an entirely free-to-watch movie streaming platform by Amazon. Amazon initially launched this platform as IMDb Freedive however quickly rebranded to IMDb TV. Amazon also added numerous additional and improved content for its users.

The difference between IMDb and other streaming platforms is that IMDb TV is completely free. That is right. You can start watching movies without a subscription plan. However, there is a catch. The catch of IMDb TV is that you will have to go through ads and commercials at the start, during, and at each film’s end. 

There is also no way to work around these ads. These ads are not removable and also unskippable. So, expect a 30-minute movie to contain around one or two ads scattered in it. Typically, one hour of a movie would contain around three to four commercials.

Register An IMDb TV Account

The only process that will require time in using IMDb TV to watch movies is its registration process. Do not worry. The registration only asks basic information. So, you will be able to complete the registration process in no time and start streaming films! All you need to do is use your email address or any existing Amazon, Facebook, or Google Account.

Free movies are not the only feature that registered users will be entitled to. Registered IMDb TV users will be able to use the platform’s streamlined features in giving you the content you want. You will be able to create your Watchlist, which allows you to track every film you want to watch. It even notifies you when certain movies hit the local theaters! 

You can also channel your inner movie critic by posting your ratings and reviews of the films you finished watching. Other people will have an idea of what to watch and what to avoid. You will also be able to receive related recommendations based on films and TV shows that you have been watching.

Accessing IMDb TV

Accessing IMDb TV will be pretty straightforward. All you have to do is access and open the IMDb TV app or the portal to start streaming films. However, if you have trouble accessing IMDb TV, it may be because of your location. IMDb TV is currently only available in the US. You may have to wait a little bit longer before IMDb TV expands to other regions.

The Content You Will Find On IMDb TV

IMDb TV library may not be as vast and substantial as the libraries of Netflix and Hulu. However, it checks all the boxes out when it comes to a 100% free streaming platform. You will still be able to stream high-quality movies that the entire family will surely enjoy. IMDb TV also has a good number of TV shows that you might want to sink your teeth in.

Popular movie titles like The Ring, Don’t Mess With The Zohan, The A-Team, and plenty more are available on the IMDb TV library. You will indeed have a good time scrolling and looking for the film that you want to watch for movie night. Now, movie night has never been this cheaper as all you need is your TV, snacks, and the lights off for a theater experience!

Available On Different Devices

Anyone will be able to use IMDb TV to stream and watch movies and TV shows on any device. The list goes from Smart TV, tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops. IMDb TV is perfectly compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, so you will not have difficulty accessing its library in the most convenient way possible.

Enjoy IMDb for free

IMDb TV is a streaming platform that gives decent service for the price of absolutely nothing. You will find enjoyable movie titles in its library without shelling out a significant amount of money. The ads may be a sight for sore eyes. However, they are there for a good reason. 90 seconds of commercials is not that too bad of a deal for something free, right?

Check out IMDb TV if you are looking for an excellent alternative to the streaming platforms that the general public knows. This alternative is 100% free and has a fair amount of exciting movies and TV shows to immerse yourself in.