8 Ways to Discipline Your Weight Loss Regimen

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Initiating a weight loss regime is easy. Maintaining it over a long period of time is very difficult. This is the reason why so many people simply quit their weight loss regime, or try to make excuses for skipping its many different aspects.

In both cases, the result is always the same – zero!

One of the main reasons why most people are unable to adhere to their weight loss resolutions is that they never intended it to be a long term commitment. Rather, it was a quick fix for an important event – a wedding, or a reunion etc.

The result is superb for the intended occasion. You seem to be in a great shape. However, once the occasion is finished, you lose your motivation and slide back gradually into your old routine.

The scale begins to creep up again until you reach your old level, sometimes even above.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is very simple. What you need to do is discipline your weight loss regime. 

In this article, you will find 8 suggestions that will help you achieve you weight loss goal.

It’s not only About Weight

When it comes to a fit and healthy body, weight is only one of the factors. 

Every part of the body is important. You need to track the fat component in each part of your body, and analyze whether the regime you follow actually works.

You should also look out for muscles. They are thicker, healthier, and comparatively denser.

You gain more muscles when you work out. But you cannot measure changes in your muscle mass simply by weighing yourself.

If your fat has increased, and your muscles mass increased simultaneously, it means that your work out regime is working.

Eat with Discipline

It is very important to change your eating habits once you decide to lose weight.

When you work out, you lose calories. Your body automatically needs more calories to even out the deficit.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is that you do not need extra food if you are working out.

The whole idea is to create a calorie deficit. This can only be achieved through disciplinary eating. 

Make it a habit not to treat yourself with a full snack after each session.

Carbs in, Protein out

One of the most common misunderstanding among people opting for weight loss is that they think they need more proteins as they indulge in exercises. 

Our bodies already contain a lot of glycogen which is burned during exercise sessions. 

Just give yourself enough protein during the day that would allow you to form muscles. But, high doses of protein rich foods should be avoided.

Beware of Bloating

Salads are usually seen as the best form of food intake when you are on a weight loss regime.

However, this is one of the aspects of weight loss that would allow you to understand how nutritionists can help you understand your food intake

Of course, raw vegetables offer great health benefits, but they are no easy to digest, especially when you eat a lot of them.

Moreover, they also cause bloating that looks rather bad. When you make yourself digest raw food, you automatically feel lazy and sluggish.

There are foods that contain sugar alcohols. You must avoid them at all costs. They would typically include canned foods, gums and other such items.

Restructure Your Workout Food Intake

Most people would simply refuse to eat during a workout, starve themselves during the session, and eat a lot later.

However, while you are at it, you need calories that will provide you energy to perform your workout. 

A typical change in your food intake would involve having fruit right before the workout, and cutting down on the post-workout meal.

Follow the Right Exercise Sequence

Following the right exercise sequence is very important. 

You should do weight-related exercises in the beginning. 

This would allow your body to get warmed up so that you can work more vigorously with cardio exercise later.

It also increases your oxygen consumption so that you may carry out the cardio exercises with an increased energy burn rate.

Get Yourself a Fitness Tracker

Usually, the machines installed in gyms and exercise clubs would not show you the actual picture. They tend to overestimate the rate of calories burned.

You can find great fitness trackers that would let you know the most basic things about your body, such as how many steps you have walked, how many calories you have burned etc.

Incorporate Two Sessions Rather than One

The workout session boosts the metabolism in your body with the help of increased oxygen consumption.

When you carry out these sessions twice, their effect will last longer.

The Final Word

These tips will surely help you discipline your weight loss regime. Your ultimate objective should always be to achieve long-term fitness and health.