8 Tips Before Traveling To Thailand

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Visiting Thailand can be one of the most life-changing adventures you will ever experience. Its strong cultural heritage, the food, and the perfect white sandy beaches just have a way of getting to you. This is no doubt one of the favorite countries for tourist in Southeast Asia. Whether you are planning to visit the country for business or leisure, here are 8 useful tips that will help you with your stay.

1. What to pack.

Just like many other countries, Thailand also experiences different seasons, but it is generally warm throughout the year. Carry light clothing as well as a couple of sweaters when there is a change of weather. Bring scarfs to wear when visiting the temples and other religious places. The sun can also be extremely hot on some days, so you should always have some sunscreen with you. You should also not forget your gadgets and accessories; a power bank, for instance, would really come in handy when there is a power outage.

2. Documentation.

Keep all your travel documents as safe as possible. The law in the country requires every visitor to always have a form of identification with them at all times. You can use a copy of your passport, license or even a student identification card if you are one. You can have these documents scanned as a backup in case you lose any of them.

3. Currency.

The local currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht. You will always see pound to baht current exchange rates in all local airports and it is advisable to change your currency in such secure places. If you wish to withdraw money from the ATM, use odd amounts so that you can get change. It can be rather tough to break 1000 baht. It will be wise to withdraw 4900 baht rather than 5000 baht. If you withdraw 5000 baht chances are you will get your money in 1000 denominations.

4. How to act.

Thai people are very concerned about their culture. Remember to always be respectful of their culture. For starters, Buddhist monks are highly considered and any form of disrespect towards them could bring you in a lot of trouble. You should also never say anything disrespectful or ungracious about the royal family. Anything ill-mannered said or done towards the king or queen will easily send you in prison for ten years.

The Thai culture also has sacred views about the head and feet. You should always remove your shoes before entering any store unless stated otherwise. And you should also never touch anyone on the head and when you are sitting down, never let the soles of your feet point towards the image of a Buddha.

5. Language.

English is a common language in Thailand as many people are into tourism. Most people working in hotels and other tourist places will be able to help you, but it is also wise to know some important phrases that can help you out. Here are some of the easier phrases to learn and use:

  • Khob Khun – Thank you.
  • Swasdi – Hello.
  • Chai – Yes.
  • Mai Chai – No.
  • Sanaam Bin – Airport.

6. Swallow your pride, be humble and polite.

Thai people are polite, friendly and very welcoming. They expect you to show the same level of politeness towards them. If you are dissatisfied with anything, raise your concern in a quiet, sober manner without being abusive. Do not humiliate anyone in front of others, it could bring you in a lot of trouble. Thai people never want to lose their dignity.

7. Avoid insect bites

In 2017, Thailand had an alarming case of dengue fever. Try as much as possible to wear clothing that is both light and protects you from insect bites. If you wish to show some skin, you can always apply some insect repellent.

8 Gambling.

You should avoid gambling in Thailand at all costs. Gambling, other than government sponsored Thai lottery and betting on horse races, is prohibited in the country. Having as much as a deck of cards could potentially get you in trouble because of the country’s playing cards act.

There is so much to do and see in Thailand, but for you to be comfortable and enjoy those activities, you have to do as they do. Being ignorant can lead to misunderstandings that may eventually ruin your stay. Be mindful of the above 8 tips before traveling to the country for a more comfortable stay.