8 Reasons to Convert Your PDFs with PDFBear Now

PDFBear is the ultimate tool for all your document needs.

FoodfindsAsia.com | 8 Reasons to Convert Your PDFs with PDFBear Now | PDFBear is the ultimate tool for all your document needs. You can combine and transform PDFs into several other document formats available. Moreover, PDFBear boasts convenience! You can access it anytime, anywhere, since it is a web-based tool. You can convert files with your laptops, desktop computers, and other smart mobile devices. 

If you are dealing with countless paperwork just like students and working professionals, you will surely make PDFBear your ultimate task buddy. You can merge, split, compress, and repair document files here. Recently, its conversion functions have made waves online. Discover what makes this feature so unique!

Converting is simple

Most PDF to Word converters need to be downloaded or installed. The whole process chops more of our time that could have been used for better things and productive tasks. Moreover, some OCR apps or programs are not delivering what they promised. With PDFBear, anyone can convert PDF to Word online!

With just a few clicks, you can have dozens of your PDFs into Word documents in a matter of seconds! You can bid “goodbye” to the lengthy conversion process of other PDF to Word converters online. All you have to do is follow the four steps indicated on the website-based tool. Drag or drop your file, and PDFBear automatically processes the conversion.

Best Choice of PDF Converter

What makes this the best choice among professionals and students working on several documents? PDFbear has put all its efforts to bring you the optimum support for PDF to Word conversion by partnering with Solid Framework and Solid Document.

Solid Framework recreates PDF files into great-quality Word documents. The recreation process undergoes text identification of the headers and footers, lists, tables, table of contents, hyperlinks, and more! 

Sounds like an incredible feat, right? With this partnership of the best document tools online, PDFBear brings Solid Frameworks’ quality document reconstruction to its PDF to Word feature. That is why it always brings the most accurate results in just a few seconds!

Grab It on the Go

For some, the whole process of PDF to Word conversion goes this way: scan the PDF document, open it on the computer, and retype it on a Word document. That’s just basically saving the file for a better view. With the PDF to Word feature of PDFBear, you won’t need to go with the trouble of even waiting in line to use the scanner.

If you’re in a hurry for a presentation with a very important client, PDFBear you will only need to open your laptop, desktop, or mobile device. You can present the editable Word File to your client without even compromising most of your time. Get your paper signed right away!


What do people hate most about other web-based and downloadable conversion tools? They are either filled with ads from top to bottom or with buttons that you need to click and tap to get things done. PDF to Word conversion does not have to be such a troublesome task.

Whether you are a tech-savvy person or not, you can use this feature of PDFBear. Aside from being accessible, the platform itself is simplified. That means no extra features, functions, or ads to get in the way of your conversion.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can navigate easily with just your mouse. Tap on the PDF to Word converter option and start converting your PDFs, and those only require three simple clicks. You can even save it to your hard drive or any cloud storage in just a snap!

State-of-the-Art OCR

Do you know what makes PDFBear’s PDF conversion fast and easy? The web-based conversion tool only uses the best optical character recognition technology! The tool preserves and reconstructions the layout and formatting of your PDF to the end Word document product.

PDFBear’s OCR reader is integrated into its other conversion features. This function produces better quality and accuracy compared to other conversion tools available in the market. It’s free for use on the web-based converter tool, but you have to subscribe to PDFBear’s PRO Membership to open most of its features.

Privacy Matters to Us

Even though the internet has provided us with several tools to help us with our file conversion needs, we worry about a data breach and getting our sensitive information being acquired by hackers. Well, PDFBear values all of its users’ data by putting a 60-minute rule.

What does the rule mean? When you use its PDF conversion tools, they will only save up your file for 60 minutes or 1 hour. So if you accidentally delete your copy, you can just download it again. Then, the tool will delete their copy after an hour. The website-based tool is also protected by 256-SSL encryption, improving their overall data security.

Support all operating systems

Some conversion tools aren’t compatible with the operating systems we have on your laptops, desktop computers, or mobile devices. Since PDFBear is a web-based tool, it works perfectly with all kinds of operating systems available in the market. That’s convenience and functionality all in one tool!

Upload PDF from Another Cloud

As mentioned above, you can download all your documents to any cloud storage and even share it with other platforms. PDFBear removes the trouble of re-downloading files over and over again. You can now upload from any storage, whether from your computers, Google Drive, or Dropbox!


We have all been through the all troubling process of converting PDF to other documents. With the current devices we have, PDF conversions shouldn’t be something we have to dread, especially if it’s part of our everyday job. Get your PDFs converted fast and easy with PDFBear!