8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items That Make Your Guests Say WOW

8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items

FoodfindsAsia.com | 8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items That Make Your Guests Say WOW | Christmas is approaching rapidly, and this year, we could all use some extra peace and goodwill in the form of adorable—or paw-dorable, as the case may be—holiday decor. Impress your guests and brighten your home with these festive pet-themed decor ideas.

Cold-Weather Pet Apparel

patriciaImage by Patricia Alexandre from Pixabay. [8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items]

With the weather growing colder, now is the perfect time to purchase winter dog coats, boots, and other necessities to keep up as the temperature plunges. Despite their built-in fur coats, if you’re cold, your pets are too. Keep them warm and comfortable while you stroll through the wintry landscape with fashionable cold-weather pet apparel.

Holiday-Themed Outfits

You don’t have to limit yourself to purely functional pet apparel. Reindeer antlers, patterned bandanas, and cozy knit sweaters can all add a bit of a holiday flair to your pet and home. Your guests are sure to comment on how cute your pets look in their holiday-themed outfits. If you can imagine it, someone is probably already selling it online. Your options are limitless.

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

myshunImage by Myshun from Pixabay. [8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items]

Whether you’re memorializing a pet that has passed in the last year, commemorating a new addition to the family, or celebrating the time you’ve spent with your pets, personalized Christmas tree ornaments are a fantastic paw-dorable decor option.

There are plenty of artists and online shops that will make an ornament with a drawing, painting, woodcut, or picture of your pet on it. You’ll be able to find something that matches your aesthetic perfectly. You can also make personalized pawprint ornaments yourself with some salt dough and the cooperation of your pets.

Christmas Pet Portraits

Speaking of art, the pet portrait industry is much larger and more impressive than you probably think it is. You can find artists that offer everything from simple yet elegant line art sketches to life-sized oil paintings of your pet as a military leader or European royalty. Pet portraits make great gifts, and they make great decor. You can have the portrait done so that it’s Christmas themed, or add a Santa hat, tinsel, or mistletoe during appropriate times of the year.

Animal-Themed Wrapping Paper

Image by HG-Fotografie from Pixabay. [8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items]

Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets? If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent marketing report, 72 percent of cat owners and 78 percent of dog owners purchase gifts for their pets. Why not wrap their gifts and your family’s while you’re at it, in animal-themed wrapping paper? You don’t have to give up the seasonal aspect either. There are numerous wrapping paper patterns featuring dogs with Santa hats, dogs going sledding, cats chasing snowflakes, and more.

Stockings for Your Furry Family Members

You don’t need a fireplace to hang stockings for the members of your family. Everyone will appreciate it anyway, including your pets. You can have stockings custom-embroidered with your pets’ names, and there are also stockings shaped like paws rather than human feet for your furry family members.

Fill your pets’ stockings with little toys and treats that you can distribute over a few days or weeks, with a larger gift for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, whenever you and your family traditionally open presents.

Christmas Treats and Toys

MarzenaImage by Marzena P. from Pixabay. [8 Paw-dorable Christmas Decor Items]

There are a surprising number of Christmas-themed pet treats and toys on the market. Your dog likely doesn’t care whether their treats are shaped like stars or if their most recent rope toy looks like a candy cane. Pets tend to be happy with anything you give them, or if you’ve got a cat, they’re more interested in the box it came in than anything else. You can still enjoy giving them seasonal toys and treats though, either from a Christmas stocking or not.

If you want to make homemade treats for your pets, that’s a fun option too. However, use caution when selecting a recipe. Not every recipe that claims to be pet-friendly is, so double-check all of the ingredients. When in doubt, talk to your veterinarian. The ASPCA has a helpful guide listing holiday safety tips for pets, including what not to feed them.

Keeping Them Cozy

Buying your dog or cat a toasty fleece blanket or comfortable bed has several benefits. It will make them happy, of course, but it will also collect the hair that would otherwise end up on your rug or couch. Who doesn’t love something that will make your pet happy and keep your home clean?

Blankets and bedding come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can find holiday-themed green and red options for the Christmas season as well as more subdued versions for the rest of the year.

It has been a challenging, lonely year for many people, and now is your chance to show your pets your appreciation for being there for you when other people couldn’t. Celebrate both Christmas and the end of 2020 with pet-themed holiday decor, and look forward to a happy, healthy New Year.