8 Meals To Add In Your WFH Routines

Vegetable Soup
Image source: Pixabay.com

FoodfindsAsia.com | 8 Meals To Add In Your WFH Routines | Work from home is the new trend during the COVID times and is likely to stay for long. While working on important projects from the comfort of your home, you are likely to overlook the diet. Also, it may lead to a nutritional deficit and manifest in the form of clinical conditions. Some effects of hypoglycemia include frequent headaches, weakness, and confusion. All these symptoms may hinder your productivity levels in the long run. Hence, you should take care of your diet and prepare the meals right after waking up. 

Read on to know the quick and easy-to-prepare meal options that beat the Work from home stress.

1. Vegetable Soup 

One of the best ways to combat mid-meal hunger is through light meals like veggie soup. You can prepare the vegetable soup using minimal ingredients and effort. Also, it involves many variations, and you can add your favorite ingredients to the soup. Make sure to increase the protein content of your soup with some soya chunks by U.S. Soy. Other ingredients for nutritious soup include beans, tomatoes, and carrots to load up on the vitamins. 

2. Roasted Chickpeas 

Another easy and quick meal option that satiates your taste buds is the roasted chickpeas. It provides an instant boost of energy and increases the protein reservoir of your body. Also, the meal option is quite handy and edible while working on urgent assignments. Grab the ingredients like chickpeas, spices, and other legumes. Further, you can add on other legumes like beans to curb hunger in an instant. Chickpeas contain 10 grams of protein and other nutrients like folate and magnesium. 

3. Veggie Tacos Veggie Tacos


You can prepare some tacos before starting the work and store them for the entire day. Tacos are rich in fiber and protein due to the loaded veggies and chicken breast. Along with this, it makes the perfect meal option for your work from home routine. Start the preparation by topping the tortillas using cheddar cheese. Load it up with some veggies like salsa, broccoli, eggs, and beans. In the end, garnish the tacos using some jalapenos and cabbage to add that crunchy taste. 

4. Protein Salads

Here’s the lunch option that takes around five minutes to prepare and contains high levels of nutrients. Protein salads can be the best lunch option for the workdays and hectic schedule. Also, it doesn’t compromise the dietary factors and ensures a stable supply of essential vitamins. Prepare the protein salad using some kale, green beans, and avocados. Along with this, pop in some tomatoes for that tangy taste. Toss the recipe with some lemon juice and essential spices like black pepper, and you’re good to go.

5. Huevos Rancheros

Another easy recipe for the work from home meals is huevos rancheros. It arises right from the Mexican premises and makes the perfect breakfast option for long days. Get your hands on the ingredients like a tortilla, smashed black beans, and some cheddar cheese. Other than this, you need the items like salsa and eggs to garnish your wraps. To increase the nutritional values, add some other veggies like corn and lentils. 

6. Tuna Sandwich Tuna Sandwich


While working during the afternoon, you can reward your tummy with a tuna sandwich. It’s an easy-to-prepare lunch option that curbs the hunger pangs within an instant. You must get your hands on the essentials like tuna, whole grain bread, and some veggies. Further, toss in some tomatoes and cheese to enhance the tasting notes. It contains high levels of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. All these nutrients increase productivity levels and curb mental fatigue. 

7. Chicken Hummus 

Every gastronome likes the savory taste of hummus coupled up with the nutritious veggies. If you’re on a work from home routine, then a big bowl of chicken hummus can do the job. Also, you can prepare the meal in a few minutes using minimal ingredients. Some essentials like spinach, avocados, red onion, and chicken breast make the recipe a delicious one. In the end, you can top the hummus with lemon juice and almonds for the much-needed proteins. Not only does it reduce the levels of the hunger hormone, but it also keeps the mid-meal cravings away. 

8. Pesto & Pasta 

If you’re trapped in the vicious cycle of work and a hectic schedule, then you must prepare and store the pesto pasta beforehand. The recipe works for days altogether and tastes delicious even after days of preparation. The ingredients like kale, onions, and cheddar cheese can curb your hunger and keep you full. Make sure you get hands-on with the whole wheat penne pasta and load it up with the pesto sauces. Pair it up with the drinks like sparkling wine or fruit juices for a perfect work from home lunch. 

Final Verdict

Work from home can be quite hectic and may make you compromise on your diet. But, you can curb the issues with minimal effort and dedication. All you need to do is wake up early and prepare the meals for the entire day beforehand. Also, go for the quick yet delicious meal options like pesto pasta and veggie tacos. Not only will it enhance the nutritional content of your body, but it also increases your focus. Other meal options to consider are chicken salad, hummus, and protein wraps. Make sure to consume nutritious meals and increase your productivity levels in no time.