7 Ways to Relish 96% Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Diets that contain fatty meats in abundance can result in serious conditions such as some types of cancer or high blood pressure and others. Meat that has low fat or simply put lean beef will offer an array of health benefits. To make the most of these benefits select lean beef cuts. Beef offers much more than mere taste. It is a quintessential protein that is healthier compared to what one thinks.

First it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients including alpha lipoic acid, vitamin B6 and zinc which are responsible for creating antibodies and keeping the level of blood sugar in check. Besides it is a good source of iron, the multitasking mineral which improves the energy and also helps the muscles to work correctly. Although lean beef cuts contain low calories and fats, yet has similar protein content like fattier ones.  

Different Ways of Enjoying Lean Ground Beef

Take a look at the different ways of having 96% ground beef,

  • Classic Burger- Having a burger from a shop is never a healthy choice but making the same at home will be a smart choice. You can make your burger at home by adding the ingredients of your choice but without excess calories. The ultra-lean beef burger will be an ideal choice.
  • Comfort Food- Lean beef contains natural fat, so most people think that it does not need additional cooking oil, but this is a myth. Making comfort food such a meatloaf in the oven will satisfy cravings without adding sneaky extras or sub the same into a favorite recipe.
  • Souped-up Sauce- When you put lean beef in sauce this will soak the delicious flavors without any additional work. While preparing meatballs, rather than pan-searing the same allow it to simmer as well as cook thoroughly in the spaghetti sauce and/or whip up the meatballs for tender beef devoid of any additional fat from the oil.
  • Meaty Pizza- Rather than using the regular meat toppings such as sausage or pepperoni, try to sprinkle cooked lean beef on the pizza. It will give that meaty flavor together with iron and protein. For a healthier option, make the pizza at home.
  • Taco Salad- Simply sauté onion, diced tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers, beans, and lean beef. To this add some cumin, crushed red pepper, and chili powder. Serve this over lettuce with low-fat cream or spicy salsa, sprinkle low-fat cheese and cilantro on top.  
  • Power Breakfast- For a healthy and tasty salad, toss lean beef in the pan together with spinach, onions, and scrambled eggs. For that spicy flavor, add hot sauce and bundle this in a tortilla made of whole-grain to kick start the day with a protein-pack breakfast.
  • Stuffed Peppers- Just brown the lean beef and mix this with tomatoes, brown rice, and zucchini. After this, stuff the mixture in bell pepper. Being rich in vitamin C this will help in absorbing all the iron in the red meat.

Try out these sumptuous recipes right away, and you will definitely ask for more.