7 Reasons To Love Brunch


There aren’t many things less luxurious than a long and lazy brunch at the weekend. Avocado and poached eggs on toast; bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruit; ricotta hotcakes topped with banana and maple syrup; all washed down with a creamy coffee at a gentle pace – what’s not to love?

Brunch has become the pastime of the generation and a huge part of the millennial zeitgeist, but what makes this half-way mash-up between breakfast and brunch so popular? This article will delve into the “brunching” culture to uncover why it is such a phenomenon. (Get ready for your mouth to water.)

  1. It allows us to sleep in

Weekends are reserved for that all-important catch up on shut-eye. However hectic the week leading up to the weekend has been, and however much cramming we have done, on the weekend alarm clocks should be totally abandoned and nothing should be rushed – including the first meal of the day.

For those who like to take their time on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the concept of brunch is divine. Brunch starts whenever you want it to, meaning that you can roll out of bed when it suits you and start your day a few hours later and still enjoy your favourite breakfast food. In fact, many cafes and restaurants will serve their brunch menu past midday. For those who could eat breakfast food for every meal, this is heavenly.

  1. It’s the perfect time to catch up with friends

Catching up with friends over the first meal of the day is a luxury reserved for the weekends. On weekdays we are rushed, often inhaling a piece of toast while we pack our bag and grabbing a banana as we head out the door and begin the morning commute to work. There is just no time to do anything else before our work day starts, especially have a proper catch up with our nearest and dearest.

A weekend brunch, on the other hand, couldn’t be further away from our weekday morning routine. It’s long and languid, meaning there is plenty of time to work through all the live updates you and your friends want to share. No one rushes a brunch, and that’s how it should stay.

  1. The bigger, the better

When it comes to brunching, the bigger, the better. Often, when you brunch it often means that you won’t eat a big lunch, too, due to the timings of your meals being delayed. This gives you full license to go big when you order your brunch, as effectively you are eating breakfast and lunch in one sitting.

Luckily for regular brunch-goers, the best cafes and restaurants know this and will cook up large portions for you to really enjoy over a longer period of time. This is ideal for those who love breakfast food because you can really indulge.

  1. It’s Insta-perfect

The brunch phenomenon has become such due, in part, to Instagram. Taking photographs of your photogenic brunch is almost a given, and so cafes and restaurants worldwide have ramped up the level of effort in the presentation of their dishes to attract a wider group of brunch lovers.

The best brunch cafes are trendy and modern, and their brunch menu surely has the “wow” factor. Even the simplest of dishes – for example, eggs benedict – will be made with a twist to really capture the imagination of the brunching generation. Haven’s breakfast menu does just that, with their mouth-watering Asian-fusion brunch specials.

  1. Brunch is whatever you want it to be

When it comes to brunch, the food options are aplenty. Small or big, sweet or savoury, more “breakfast-y” or more “lunch-y” – it’s never boring. Brunch can even take the form of dinner if you want it to.

Modern-day brunch menus have become extensive and offer a wide variety of dishes. It’s fully acceptable to sit down for brunch with a group of friends, and one of you order a stack of pancakes, while another order a grilled cheese sandwich, while another order a crab linguine. No questions asked it’s just OK – anything goes.

  1. It’s acceptable to drink

Because brunch is so synonymous with luxury and relaxed carelessness, it’s totally acceptable to have a drink or two with your meal. In fact, if someone arranges an 11 am brunch date, it is basically coded for “let’s have a Bellini”.

Older generations certainly didn’t enjoy a prosecco with their morning omelette or smoothie, bowl, but our generation doesn’t think it’s bizarre at all. It’s what brunching is all about.

  1. It’s the perfect hangover fix

A good brunch can fix any hangover. It even makes being hungover in the first place completely worthwhile when you can indulge in a plate of your favourite feel-good food the next morning.

Plus, whatever dish you order at brunch, it’s totally acceptable to order coffee after coffee after coffee, because although it may be nearing lunchtime, this is also your breakfast.


There’s no question about it, brunch signals the weekend. And, as many of us live for the weekend, we are head over heels in love with brunch and everything it stands for – luxury, calm, drinking and friends. Better yet, brunch gives us all the food options we could ask for, and really, anything goes! Just be sure to take a snap of your meal and post it on your Instagram feed so that everyone can enjoy your brunching style.