7 Natural Toothache Remedies

Natural Toothache Remedies

Toothache is the most frustrating experience ever, and whenever anyone is struck in the cavity, the only thing that comes in mind is how to get rid of pain instantly. It’s a bit difficult to find an instant cure for toothache. There are many reasons for the toothache, it might be cavity, food particles in between the teeth and sometimes the pain hits out of nowhere. There are many home remedies for toothache pain.

You can find a wide range of natural home remedies. Its effectiveness varies from person to person but believe me, and these home remedies are worth trying. It can give immediate relief from a severe toothache, especially at night so, you can have a better sleep. Below you will find seven home remedies that are worth trying and will let you know how to stop toothache. You can also visit gotoothache.com for more information.


The most effective and popular method is to rinse your mouth with those substances that can give toothache quick relief. It can also be helpful to remove stuck food particles in between your teeth that can cause toothache. You will have to mix the below-mentioned substance in a glass of water and rinse your mouth, remember not to swallow as it will contain bacteria from your mouth. Below is a short list of home remedies for severe toothache:


Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

Heat Pack

The heating pad is a good way out to get instant relief from toothache. All you need is a heating pad, make sure it’s not too hot that it burns your skin. Place the heating pad on your face and press it for about two minutes. It is the best remedy for toothache.

Ice Pack

If a heating pad is not working, you can also try an ice pack in the same way, as it might give you temporary relief from pain.

Spice Tea

Spices are potential antibacterial. They have very outstanding painkiller properties. In the case of bad toothache, you will have to take, black pepper along with ginger and salt, and add it into the water. You will also need to add black tea. Make a perfect tea to get rid of toothache.

Lime Juice

Lemon contains vitamin c, and that is very good for teeth and bones. It is beneficial for cavity and tooth decay, while it also helps to get relief from toothache. It is the best homemade remedy for toothache.


Onions have some outstanding properties to fight against bacteria and especially cavity. All you need is to chew 3 to 4 times to get immediate relief from pain. Just Like Apple, it is also said that an onion a day keeps the dentist away.


Garlic paste is the key to get out of toothache. It is widely popular in Latin America to fight against cavity. You will have to chop garlic into small pieces and need to add a few drops of water along with a half teaspoon of salt, and you will have to apply on the tooth. It will give you instant relief.


Mint gives you a soothing effect. It refreshes your mouth and provides a pleasant feeling. You will have to take a few leaves of mint and chew it for 3 to 5 minutes. It will help out to get ease from pain.