7 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis for Wellness

7 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis for Wellness
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7 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis for Wellness | Gone are the days when consuming cannabis was only possible through means of smoking. With the rising popularity of the cannabis industry, many cannabis products have emerged on the market shelves. 

Almost every day, you can witness new forms of administering this herb to avail of its countless health benefits. Be it ingestible oils or transdermal patches; several novel ways have made the consumption very convenient. 

In this article, we shall highlight some effective and health-conscious options to consume cannabis. You can try the different ways to figure the one that works best for you. 


Vaporizing or vaping has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. Considered as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping does not involve inhaling smoke. 

The process uses a vaporizer to produce vapor from dried plant material. Unlike smoking, cannabis is heated gently and at low temperatures, allowing you to inhale cannabinoids like THC and CBD while leaving the dangerous compounds behind. 


This is one of the newest and highly misunderstood methods of cannabis consumption. In simple words, dabbing involves putting a small amount of cannabis concentrates on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize. The process allows the users to get nothing but cannabis’s potent effect and flavor. 

Typically, the concentrates are placed on a heated water-pipe attachment from where it is inhaled. This attachment can be made from metal or glass and usually heated with a butane torch. 


A lot of people find dabbing and vaping very close to smoking. Consequently, they like to consume cannabis in the form of edibles.

It must be noted that edibles take some time before they show the effects. So do not consume extra just because you are not feeling any effects. Also, the effect of edibles can last for much longer as they metabolize through the digestive system.Cannabis gummies are also popular among people.


Tinctures are concentrated cannabis extracts that are made by soaking the dried plant in alcohol or vinegar. It presents the easiest way of consuming cannabis. 

In this, you only need to put a few drops under your tongue, and that’s it. The concentrate enters your bloodstream and offers immediate effects. 

However, ensure to consult your doctor before consuming cannabis tinctures. He will help you understand the right dosage, potency, and cannabinoid profile for your medical needs.

Ingestible Oils

Cannabis is also available in the form of ingestible oils. These oils can either be consumed in the form of pills or added to food. 

Although these oils offer potent effects, yet it may take some time for the body to feel them. So, it is vital to be cautious with the dosage. Also, ingestible oils take time to leave the body, and their effect stays on for much longer.


Cannabis-infused topical creams and lotions are also available that can be used for many medical purposes. They help to offer relief from pain and other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Before applying, ensure to clean the affected area.Massage for a few minutes to help the cannabinoids enter the body. 


A transdermal patch is another novel way of consuming cannabis. These patches can be applied to any part of the body. They help to deliver the cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream through the skin. 

The effect of patches lasts for a long time. Thus, you can use it to relieve pain and inflammation for many hours. 

Wrapping Up

The multitudinous medical benefits of cannabis have led people to devise different ways of consuming it. For all those who are not comfortable with smoking, these aforementioned methods can help enjoy the benefits of this incredible medicinal herb. 

Ensure to speak to your medical practitioner before using any of these techniques. He will help you understand the right dosage and potency level suited to your needs.