7 Cool Accessories For Your Four-Wheelers

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FoodfindsAsia.com | 7 Cool Accessories For Your Four-Wheelers | Owning a four-wheeler for the first time is the most beautiful and exciting experience ever. The beauty enhances the outdoor experience by spicing it up with a whole lot of fun. 

There are not many things required for anyone who grew up with these squads. However, if you aren’t a seasoned rider, it might be a bit challenging, and you need a few things to make the experience more fun and safe at the same time.

There are items that you might think are unnecessary, but they would save you some offroad troubles. This post discusses a few of the essential accessories you should consider putting on or packing for use if there is a need.

  • Roof Rack

For an adventurous outdoor and travel activity, you need a storage system to keep all the small things you need while on the move. On your four-wheeler, you need adequate storage when on a road trip to accommodate all your luggage and goods.

A roof rack is one of the must-have land rover defender accessories when going out into the jungle or during a long road haul. Having more storage on the roof of your car will create more room in the vehicle to accommodate more people and carry your essential supplies on the road.

  • Helmet  

For any rider, a helmet is an essential requirement. It enhances your safety in case the worst happens while on the ride. Some states do not require you to put it on, but it is common knowledge that the offroading experience is primarily an aggressive one, and your safety should come first.

In most cases, when purchasing a four-wheeler, the package comes with a helmet. However, if that is not the case, you should consider buying a good-quality helmet. You’d get a strong one that will withstand the impact and protect your head firmly. The helmet should also be durable to avoid inconveniences and save you money.

Make sure you do a fit test to ensure the helmet is the right size for you. Ensure it has a face shield with a secure chin strap. Ventilation is a primary concern for a helmet; you should see that it has proper ventilation.

  • First Aid Kit

As we mentioned, accidents are inevitable while having fun with your four-wheeler. Your first aid kit has a lot to offer, from having minor tree cuts to falling in a severe accident. No matter how seasoned you are in riding, a first aid kit should be the most critical item to pack for your trip.

Based on the type of terrain you will spend the day riding on, you should select the first aid kit components accordingly. Nevertheless, the following few items are necessary.

  • First aid manual.

The booklet will quickly guide you on what to do when something occurs and how to go about it. For instance, a snake bite is not treated the same way as a tree cut. Ensure your kit has this booklet; it is critical.

  • Alcohol wipes.

Any first aid kit will be incomplete if you miss out on antiseptics and alcohol cleaning pads. Alcohol wipes are necessary to cleanse the surroundings of an injury to prevent bacteria. Antiseptic helps to cleanse a cut just before you administer other treatments.

  • Bandages
  • Cotton swabs
  • Instant hand sanitizer
  • Disposable latex gloves and many other items
  • Goggles  

As you know, riding in an open motor vehicle is not only fun, but challenges are also part of the package. You’ll bathe in dust, but your eyes are the last things to withstand the challenging situation.

Goggles will prevent them from the uncontrollable dust and small flying insects. They also help you to break the wind from hitting your eyes directly. Ensure you purchase high-quality goggles that will not harm your eyes. 

  • Bottles of Water

While water is vital for anyone out there, it is even more critical for a four-wheeler rider. You should carry two water bottles, a vacuum insulated and a filtration bottle. If you want to take hot or cold water or any beverage, the vacuum insulated bottle will keep it cold or warm for the whole day.

On the other hand, a filtration bottle will help you drink water from the source instead of carrying a lot of water with you. It is sweet to take water from a stream flowing down a mountain, but it’s harmful to your health. A filtration bottle comes in handy in such situations.

  • Tire Inflator

A flat tire is an everyday encounter for riders. A small and portable tire inflator will salvage you from this ugly situation, more so if it occurs when you’re many kilometers into the forest. 

  • Winch

Getting stuck is one fun fact while riding. Carrying a winch is all you need to unstuck your four-wheeler from the mud. Any brand of winch can save you from spending the night away from home.

Final thought

There are much more accessories that will enhance your riding experience. Equip your four-wheeler with all the necessary accessories, and your ride will be full of fun.

Image: Atv Sports Motorbike Four – Free photo on Pixabay