7 Best Foodie Cities To Travel To In 2021

Best Foodie Cities

FoodfindsAsia.com | 7 Best Foodie Cities To Travel To In 2021 | Gastronomes wish to explore unique destinations all over the globe. For all the food lovers, traveling is all about tasting the mouth-watering delicacies and learning about them. Along with this, you might list down places with individual food culture and top-notch attractions. Not only will it satiate your taste buds, but it also adds more appeal to your getaways. Some popular places with delicious local cuisine and food festivities are Mexico, Mendoza, and Italy. Other than this, you can also include your bucket list favorites and explore the famous eateries.

Here are the top foodie destinations that you must explore in 2021. 

1. Mendoza, Argentina 

Are you a wine connoisseur who loves to taste the versatile noble grapes? If yes, then you must explore the premises of Mendoza at least once in the entire lifetime. The place boasts some exquisite varieties of wines coupled up with culinary delicacies. Not to forget, it also satiates the wanderlust with the perfect spots and mouth-watering cuisine. Some food options to consider with Mendoza’s authentic wines are Bife de Lomo, Cantimpalo, and Choripan. Also, try out the popular restaurants like Bodega Ruca Malen and The Vines of Mendoza for the best wine tasting experiences. You can grab a bottle of Riesling to enchant your taste buds on the journey itself. 

2. Dominica, Caribbean 

Every beach lover finds peace amidst the turquoise waters with a cool breeze and delicious delicacies. Visitors must explore the beachside view with the delicious seafood and cold beers. Also, try out the Caribbean cuisine at the Dominican premises and enjoy the sea vibes. Some delicacies to try are yams, plantains, and curries with the special drinks of the island. Along with this, you get to explore the sea cliffs, caves, and volcanoes while exploring the delicacies on the island. 

3. Tuscany, Italy 

Italian cuisine is one of the most-loved by all food enthusiasts worldwide. In case you like to munch on some cheesy lasagna, you must head straight to Tuscany city in Italy. You can satisfy your hunger pangs with the unique pasta dishes and enhance your knowledge with culinary lessons. The place is quite famous for sommeliers who enjoy wine-tasting tours around the world. A glass of Tuscan wine and some Fettunta will leave you with a food experience worth remembering. Other dishes to try in Tuscany are Ribolita, Torta di Ceci, and Castagnaccio. 

4. Mexico City

If you wish to taste the delicious Mexican food, you might fall in love with Mexico City. You can unveil the secrets of nature and experience the perfect blend of modernization with tradition in this place. It is fun to explore popular attractions like Zócalo, the Palace of Fine Arts, and Chapultepec Park. Along with it, you can gratify the gastronomic tendencies by tasting the delightful traditional cuisines. You must not miss some food options like Pozole and Tacos al pastor. Pair it up with the drink varieties like Mezcal and Kahlúa for an extra punch. 

5. Bordeaux, France 

Are you all set to fulfill your wanderlust with the never-ending food cravings? If yes, you must embark upon the journey towards Bordeaux to satiate your wanderlust. Apart from exploring the famous wines, you also get to unwind nature’s secrets and watch the aesthetic landscapes. You can taste the local delicacies like foie gras, duck confit, and black truffles to experience the best food excursion. However, don’t forget to pair it up with the bold and robust wine of Bordeaux and transform the evening vibes. 

6. New Orleans, USA 

Another delightful gourmet spot to try out is New Orleans city in the US. It allows you to taste the best sandwiches and exotic wraps all over the country. At the same time, you can explore the beautiful beaches and stunning sunset views with your family and friends. Popular food options in the city are gumbo, jambalaya, and muffuletta. To add a sweetish appeal to your meals, you can pair it up with desserts like bananas foster. In Orleans, you need not compromise on the exploration part. Popular attractions like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and City Park will keep you entertained for days. 

7. Lima, Peru 

Multicultural places may intrigue food enthusiasts. Versatile cuisine and never-ending attractions in Lima, Peru, is yet another tourist place to enjoy. Here, you will get to experience diverse cultures and learn a variety of traditions in the region. Make sure to start your trip with popular dishes like ceviche and chicharrones. You can also ask the locals about the food and drinks to try in the city. In case you wish to unveil the tourist spots, some top places to explore are Plaza de Armas and Convento de San Francisco. 

Final Verdict 

Some regions offer the perfect platelet of cuisine and ambiance to elevate the mood. In case you enjoy food as much as you love to travel, a food excursion can be your ideal escape. Isn’t it mesmerizing to explore nature’s antiquities and try out the delicacies at the same time? Places like Peru, Bordeaux, and New Orleans never fail to enchant gastronomes. Make sure to plan well-in-advance to avoid future hassles of bookings and reservations. Also, consider your preference and ask for the chef’s recommendations before trying out a new recipe.