6 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Israel Today


FoodfindsAsia.com | 6 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Israel Today | One of the first things that comes to people’s minds when they think of Israel is the Middle East and the political turmoil happening in the area. However, what people fail to recognize is that Israel, as a country, is one of the most advanced states in South West Asia. Its economy is growing, and with a robust plan for further growth, it is home to the world’s largest startups outside North America. After years of withstanding a turbulent political atmosphere, Israel has grown into one of the most attractive investment opportunities worldwide.

Here, we’ve outlined six reasons why you should be investing there.

1. One of the world’s best workforce

Israel boasts a workforce that ranks pretty high on the scale when it comes to creativity and work ethics. Lots of companies flock to Israel because of this, relying heavily on the expertise of their workforce can bring to the table. If you look at the real estate market, for example, you’ll find that this is something that is really on the rise. Information found on https://aharonilaw.com/blog/real-estate-investments-in-israel/ clarifies why it’s a good time to invest in property in Israel. By doing so, this guarantees a stable income on your part plus you’re always going to be one step ahead when it comes to knowing which properties should be invested in, early on. All in all, with the right people, you can watch your investment skyrocket, and this country has enough of those ‘right people’ to keep your HR department busy!

2. Hi-Tech Powerhouse

Israel has shown great rise in the high-tech industry. The country is a leader in a lot of hi-tech sectors like electronics, biotechnology and pharmaceutics. Needless to say, the environment itself lends to the rise of these sectors, and with a population already focused on these various niches, you won’t have any problems finding the resources, expertise and skill set you need.

3. The Country Cares

Israel is one of the few countries that really cares about research and development. A large amount of the country’s GDP goes into R&D spending. The country is also one of the leaders when it comes to the number of scientists and trained engineers per capita. This goes without mentioning that it lends to the country being a nest for startups.

4. Stable Banks

During the global credit crisis, Israel’s banking sector was one of the few worldwide that was able to remain stable, and actually emerged stronger. None of them needed to be bailed out by the state, and the five largest banks are pretty well capitalized. Also, the country has one of the best rated central banks in the world, which enables the economy to continue growing strongly.

5. Building Partnerships

Over the past few years, Israel has built strong ties with several nations in Africa and Latin America, as well as some of its neighbors, like India. These partnerships have allowed Israel to expand its reach across the globe, allowing for the growth and development of many of its local companies to the point of international competitiveness. 

6. The Center of the World

Despite popular belief, Israel’s geographical location is strategic. Sure, the general area is politically risky, but you are literally in the center of it all. Europe, Asia and Africa, all within an arm’s length. This lends to strategic opportunities for export, import and general networking.

All in all, Israel has withstood the trials of time and has come out stronger as a country. With its advances in the technological, pharmaceutical and telecom sectors, it has become a hotspot for investors. With a government backing the country’s education, research and development, setting up shop or investing in Israel will never be a bad idea.